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Dec 31, 2010 12:50 PM

What To Do With Fresh Currants? Make Cupcakes Of Course!

On a whim, I bought a carton of fresh red currants at the store a couple of days ago. I got them home and then went looking for recipes. I came across one for red currant and lemongrass cupcakes. That sounded very interesting so I tried it out last night.

WOWIE ZOWIE! These cupcakes, which I got from an online food blog, were spectacular. I think I especially love them because they use alternative flours (much like The Rose Bakery). This recipe called for rice flour and almond flour (I only had almond meal and used that).The recipe is actually called Lemongrass, Vanilla and Red Currant Cakes. I didn't have any lemongrass either, and so used lemon zest and a bit of juice. They have no egg yolks either, only whites. In case you're thinking that they are health foodish, they also use butter.

The recipe claims it makes only 4 cupcakes!!?? My muffin pan must have been smaller, because mine made 6.

If you're interested in this recipe, I think you'd only have to search for the red currants and lemongrass. My husband said they were the best dessert thing he'd ever eaten! I thought they were wonderful, but wouldn't go that far.

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  1. It seems really luxurious to have currants at this time of year. I haven't seen them since last summer. So what did this taste like? The currants and lemon must make it pretty tart.

    1. Love the idea of currants and lemongrass - that would be a nice combination in cream scones, too. As the recipe calls for rice and almond flours is it gluten free?

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        it appears that Caitlin linked to the recipe below, and yes, it's GF. hooray for us! :) in fact, she's got an entire section of GF recipes, many of which sound lovely if you want to take a look:

        now i just have to track down some fresh currants...

        1. re: Caitlin McGrath

          What pretty little cakes! It wouldn't occur to me to buy fresh currants because I wouldn't know what to do with 'em. Here's to a more inventive new year!