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Dec 31, 2010 11:54 AM

Freshly made sesame oil in Koreatown?

A while back I was shopping at McCalls when another customer came in excitedly talking about this freshly ground sesame oil she just picked up in Ktown. She let me have a whiff and it was the purest, concentrated aroma of sesame -- the oil having been made literally within the last hour. Of course I dropped the ball and failed to ask her where exactly she went to get this stuff, but it definitely wasn't at a market, and instead at a place specializing in sesame oil. This was over a year ago so I'm unsure whether my memory is right here, but I believe her mentioning it was somewhere in the vicinity Pollo ala Brassa off Vermont. Any idea where this might be?

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  1. Huh, I'm surprised nobody answered this one.

    The place you are looking for is famous. It is:

    Chong's Grocery (On the bottle, it says Chong's Sesame Oil on the bottle my mom bought yesterday)
    3560 West 8th Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90005
    (213) 387-0651

    They get their sesame seed from El Salvador and press the oil right there. Excellent stuff. I highly recommend. They also ship.

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      Thank you Choctastic, we ran by the location today and indeed this was the place. That sesame oil is intoxicatingly flavorful.

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        thanks for the reply, now on my bookmarks!

      2. In case anyone was wondering what the bottle looked like, I bought some today. It's $20 for 18 oz of the Black Sesame and I think $17 for the Regular Sesame