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Dec 31, 2010 11:44 AM

Motorino $11 lunch special

Just a quick post since I didn't know they had this... $11 for a choice of margherite, marinara, soppressata picante or artichoke pie and choice of soup (toady's was cream of artichoke) or salad.He got a soppressata and and soup, I got an artichoke and salad and we split everything. $22 for a most fine lunch

319 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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  1. I'll tell you why this place is empty...
    I just got back from watching a couple have lunch where they ordered the lunch special, and they were told afterwards that they couldn't share. Needless to say, dude was really mad, and our whole table could hear him. His lady was petite, I don't blame him. I mean, to have someone tell you that you can't share a meal is just ridiculous.

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    1. re: hungyhippo

      she could probably get something small, right? like a salad or whatever. places usually have a minimum to share.

      1. re: Jeffsayyes

        exactly. apparently he ordered other things. but the guy was yelling "why don't you just have a minimum!" "this makes no sense!"
        he said something like, "to say that I can't share food with my wife is bullshit!"

        1. re: hungyhippo

          haha, if it's not an overanxious new server mix-up, then that's pretty stupid. I would give the management the benefit of the doubt though.
          And what does that even mean, they can't share? She's not allowed to eat something from his plate?? I don't think I've ever had a meal with my sig other without sharing. I'd get ridiculous too if they pulled that on me.

          1. re: Jeffsayyes

            Obviously it means that if you intend to order it for more than one person you cannot have the special, discounted price. Doesn't seem that exotic or unreasonable to me - discounts, coupons etc. often have restrictions. The language is awkward (saying "you can't share" instead of "minimum order one pie per person") but surely anybody can see the point. And it says it right on the website menu:


            "Prix fixe menu cannot be shared."

            Looking at the lunch menu, it appears the same pie and salad would normally cost $20 to $22 dollars. The couple should have paid the extra ten for their lunch and gotten on with their lives.

            1. re: scooter

              yeah. i see your point, but I dont think that "prix fixe" thing was there on the menu. looked like a lot of staff were going back and forth to their table, and no one knew what the rule was. it all started AFTER their food came so i'm guessing they told them that they couldn't do that until then. that certainly would not sit well with me.
              either way, there pizza is really good. I just felt badly for the two of them. the guy ordered other stuff, so i don't really see anything wrong with having a slice of your partner's pie. i dont know if that counts as "sharing the prix fixe" when you're eating something you've ordered yourself.

              1. re: hungyhippo

                Ah, I see, that's why the guy was saying "why don't you just have a minimum." The language on the menu implies that two people should get two pies if they want any discount. But what about a pie, two salads, and a clam crostino? The staff probably never even thought of this possibility, hence all the confusion.

                The guy may be right - if he ordered more than $12 in extras it should count as "not sharing" and he should get the discount. Judgement for the plaintiff in the amount of $10.

      2. re: hungyhippo

        That is a really crazy policy. What would they do if you said you weren't hungry and just keeping the eater company? Throw you out? Then you loose the one meal. And imagine if that person decides to try a slice. I could only imagine the consequences :)

        But I venture to guess they are kinda empty at lunch because there isn't a huge lunch crowd in this area. No office buildings, and no tourists.

        They certainly aren't empty at dinner.

      3. Motorino's pizza probably doesn't travel well, but can the lunch special be taken to go?
        If so, then all you have to do is outrun the pizza police once you're out the door.

        319 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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        1. re: Cheese Boy

          Sounds like I'll be popping in after the Giglio Mass tomorrow.

        2. I'm not saying the server handled this well (though frankly the service is always pretty on point when we go to the EV location) but i had to point out that if the regular price of the included items is between 20 and 22 dollars then it is not unreasonable to expect the couple to have ordered a second special. if they didnt want that much food they were free to not take advantage of the deal (granted, finding out after the fact is harsh).

          from the restaurants perspective the advantage of selling a second special (even at 50% discount) is that they do twice the business. specials are meant to increase business, so this is a policy that is consistent with their purpose in offering the deal.

          referring to this aspect of their policy as "no sharing" is pretty silly - i have ordered, and shared, the lunch special numerous times. the sharing i have done has always involved another pizza (sometimes also ordered as part of the special, and sometimes not). its still a pretty good deal to get one of the non-discounted pies, a cheapie with the special and bonus soup/salad (i havent been to the EV store in a while but is the Fro Yo back for the summer, or do i remember them saying they had gotten rid of it for good?).

          bottom line is you can definitely share the lunch special, as long as the other person also orders a pizza. "no splitting" is probably a better way to describe this policy.

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          1. re: tex.s.toast

            Yeah. I agree with you on why it isn't a good business move to let people "share".
            I don't agree with coming to someones table while they're eating to tell them they will be paying $12 more for their meal... not in this economy.

            not sure about the Fro Yo. I've never seen it before!