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Dec 31, 2010 09:55 AM

Odd Request: Dessert served in ramekins with puff pastry and chocolate.

A friend has a tough request that I am struggling to fill.

She bought ramekins so each guest can be served their own individual dessert.

She loves the visual created when puff pastry is nice and golden brown on top of the ramekin AND she wants to incorporate chocolate.

The only dish that I have come up with so far is chocolate soup with a puff pastry crust.

Does anyone have any other ideas to add to this one?

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  1. Combine 2 cups of raspberries and 3 ounces of water in a saucepan with sugar to taste. Bring to a boil over medium low heat and cook at low simmer for 10 - 15 minutes, just until the raspberries begin to break down into a jam consistency. Remove from heat and allow to rest briefly, then strain to remove the seeds. Put the strained raspberries back into the saucepan and return to low heat, then stir in a small amount of corn starch or tapioca combined with about two tablespoons of water. Simmer briefly until the mixture thickens. Remove from heat and pour into ramekins and cool, then top with puff pastry and bake. Remove from oven and cool to room temperature, drizzle with melted dark chocolate.

    1. Moelleux au chocolat with a puff-pastry dome; gash the pastry at the table and pour in crème Anglaise.

      Or bake slices of pear with red wine syrup (a riff on poires Belle-Hélène) under a dome of pastry, then gash the pastry and pour in ganache and crème Anglaise.

      1. a different take, but perhaps chocolate ravioli with raspberry and white chocolate sauces -- easy to plate in individual ramekins :) fill with a chocolate ganache.