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Dec 31, 2010 09:27 AM

Great Pizza Delivery in North York?

OK, I'm looking for your help. I am at Yonge & Sheppard and desperate to find a great neighbourhood pizza delivery joint.

I am hoping to find an undiscovered gem I have missed - perhaps in the Avenue Road area? (where I seldom go).

Yeah, Abruzzo is half-decent, but won't deliver here, Dante's is massively, painfully overpriced and rather weak IMO, and aside from that it's chains, chains and more chains. The bst of the conglomerates is perhaps our local Pizza Nova, which is unbelievably inconsistent, ranging from half-decent to abysmal, depending on the day.

For reference, my fave pizzas come from Danforth Pizza House, Vesuvios, Colonnade in Ottawa, Bocce, LaNova or Anchor in Buffalo (i.e. - no cracker-thin, sun-dried, poached-pear, whole-wheat spelt, organic duck confit, soy-cheese, yuppie-pies need apply :-)

I would LOVE to find a Danforth Pizza House type joint run by an old guy named Angelo, Guido or Vito, open for years with faded pictures of the food painted on the window glass, hand-tossing a great New York / Buffalo neihgbourhood-style pizza.


Here's an example of what the ideal pizza might look like... this one is from Anchor Bar, Buffalo

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  1. Hi Toronto Tips. You mentioned when you were offering your opinion about Cynthia's Chinese Food that you were looking for good pizza delivery in North York, and I responded to your request there, but I'll repeat what I said. I haven't been there since I was a kid, but there's a place that we used to order from, that made awesome pizza, called Napoli Vince. They're still around and somebody already responded to my post saying that "he loves Napoli Vince" give it a try...hopefully, you'll like it!

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    1. re: kwass

      Thanks, I'll definitely check them out and report back!

    2. I've been happy enough with pizza from the Mamma's Pizza at 4903 Sheppard, n of Yonge & Sheppard. I like it better than Pizza Nova or any other chains in the area.

      Have you tried the pizzas from Mezza Notte a few blocks north? I always order pasta, but some of my Italian friends that live in the area order their pizzas.

      Mezza Notte
      5304 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M2N5P9, CA

      1. I've always had really good pizzas from the Yonge/Sheppard Pizzaville. I know it's a chain but every time me and my friends order it's consistently very good. We always go for multiple meat toppings, saving veggies for salads. And I'm a big Pizza Junction fan btw, so I'm hip to your Anchor Bar comparison.

        (There is also a Panago, Avenue Rd. south of Wilson.... since you mention Avenue Rd. No mom&pops Buffalo-style places that I am aware of though.)

        Dante's?! Blech.

        1. Thanks for the tips - looks like my fears are true... no real artisan or neighbourhood pizza to be found!

          Just for others' info, all the suggestions here are quite respectable for chains - Pizzaville is decent, I don't like their crust, Mamma's Pizza like Mezze Notte have very heavy dried-herb flavours that I don't like, Panago is a no-go :-) and it's been 5 or 6 years since I tried Napoli Vince, and though I wasn't impressed, I am going to give them another shot.

          C'mon, anyone got a good place?
          I'm tired of driving down to the Danforth!
          Anyone want to open one?
          I'm desperate! :-)

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          1. re: TorontoTips

            Ahhhh but there is hope my friend.

            As this place is not what it used to be ever since Maple Leafe got listeriosis, Paisano's Italian food is still a very popular choice. There Pizza used to look exactly like the picture you posted. Once Maple Leafe had the listeriosis problem, the changed pepponi and it's never been quite the same. Having that said, many people like it so I say you give it a shot.


          2. Did you end up finding a good pizza spot? I'm in North York and am consistently disappointed with the pizza I get. It sounds like I'm looking for the same thing as you were. I would be so happy if you could recommend a spot for me

            PS: I agree Collonade in Ottawa is very good.

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            1. re: tomjackilarious

              Even though Toronto Tips gave Mezze Notte a thumbs down, I'd give it a try. I've always liked it. Same for Napoli Vince and Paisano's

              1. re: kwass

                Yeah Im not sure why anyone wouldn't try Paisano's . Only thing is you have to order a while pizza as they don't do slices. You can order what call a mini which will probably run you like 12 bucks or something.

                1. re: C mac

                  The OP is clearly a discriminating delivery-pizza enthusiast - with a penchant for traditional pie treatments. I'm not sure our tastes are similar, but let me offer some suggestions. The aforementioned Paesano's seems right up his/her alley. I'm not sure if they deliver, though. No matter. Pizzas are best right out of the oven, and if you don't want to eat in, picking up the pie yourself, then rushing it home, is next best. In which case, try the pizzas at Trio, a superior Italian resto with a wood-burning oven, on Yonge St. several blocks north of Lawrence. It often offers every one of the pizzas on its dining room menu at a flat $10 (some are $15 when eaten in the resto). But you have to pick the pizza up yourself. Inexplicably, Trio has TWO websites, each somewhat different, only one of which promotes the $10 deal. Go figure.

                  I'll also throw in the name of Paese, a first-rate Italian resto on Bathurst St. just north of Wilson Ave. I've only had its pizzas in the dining room of late, but I used to pick them up myself in years past. Pizzas average about $15, if I recall correctly, which is a tad high for personal-pizza takeout but average when dining in situ. No delivery that I'm aware of. Not exactly the traditional pizzas the OP lusts after, but pretty good nonetheless.

                  I agree with most of the others that the chains in North York are mostly a washout. Acceptable enough when you're desperate for pizza, but no match for a good, one-of-a-kind stand-alone pizza house.

                  1. re: C mac

                    I've wanted to try Paisano's every time I've made the trip to Sobie's Barbecues. Old school Italian gets me every time. What would you recommend there, you know, other than the pizza?

                    For the record, I think the pizza in the OP's picture looks burnt. I would never eat such overdone pepperoni.

                    1. re: Googs

                      I disagee! I think it's perfectly done!

                      That is exactly how pepperoni should look.

                      1. re: Googs

                        Haven't been there in a really long time, but I remember the manicotti as being pretty good. Generally though, I always just got pizza from there.

                  2. re: tomjackilarious

                    It's been a while, but Maestro's on Wilson west of Dufferin used to make a pretty good pie...

                    1. re: kwfoodiewannabe

                      I used to get Paisano's twice a week, but never got anything other than the pizza. The pizza was just too good. What I can tell you googs, is that most people I talked to that got other stuff liked everything. I don't think you can go wrong.