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Dec 31, 2010 09:13 AM

fresh bean curd sheets

I just brought home some fresh bean curd sheets (cut into strips sort of like fettucine) and some fresh knotted bean curd from the asian market, but I've never eaten these and am looking for suggestions on how to use them. I assume they're used like noodles, but am looking for any ideas. I'm also wondering if they can be frozen for use later - the asian market I bought them from is almost 2 hours away, and I'm thinking if I like them, I'd like to keep some on hand. They look like a healthy substitute for noodles or rice in asian dishes (for my husband who is on a low-or at least limited- carb diet!)

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  1. I keep mine in the freezer, they thaw out very quickly. I've only bought the sheets to use as wrappers. As a wrapper for something like a spring roll they can be left soft of fried to get crisp.

    For any vegetarians: I wrap these around fake chicken and roast them in the oven. It's amazing like crisp roast chicken skin. Will crisp up even if there is some flavouring ( eg. mustard sauce) between the fake chicken and the bean curd sheet.

    1. Next time, purchase the full sheets wrappers, and not the strips....and you can be more versatile with your preparations like (tearing monkey) suggests. I like to make Vegetarian Duck or make Dim Sum Items.

      You can wrap just about anything., but here are some of my suggestions.

      Ground pork
      Roasted Meats

      Wood Ear Mushrooms
      Black Mushrooms
      Enoki Mushrooms
      Oyster Mushrooms
      Straw Mushrooms
      Bamboo Shhots
      Water Chestnuts
      Ginko Nuts
      Julienne Carrots
      Napa Cabbage

      Since you have strips, Mix any of the above with"

      Sesame Oil
      Soy Sauce
      Dark Soy
      Mushroom Soy
      Chili Oil