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Dec 31, 2010 08:42 AM

White wine pairing for roasted marrow bones?

Any suggestions for a white (maybe even a dessert white) to pair with roasted beef marrow bones? They'll be served with toasts and a little parsley/caper/shallot salad.


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  1. How about a Royal Tokaji ... one of the less sweet versions

    btw - Tokaji is a classic with foie gras which is quite fatty - the key is to have a balanced acidity

    1. My first instinct would be a lighter acidic red wine but if I had to go white, considering the capers I would steer clear of any sweetness, and due to the fattiness of the marrow be sure the wine is acidic:
      Brut Champagne
      French Chablis

      1. I presume you're referring to Fergus Henderson's preparation, the one Anthony Bourdain calls his ideal last meal. It is indeed absolutely brilliant. Two considerations for the wine pairing: Marrow is all fat. That's what makes it work so well with the accompanying salad--the acid and salt cuts through the fat and you get a push-pull effect. So the accompanying wine will need to cut through the fat but stand up to another acid and salt. Reds, in my experience, don't play well with the salad. Champagne works perfectly and is the match made in heaven. And you need the heft and acid of champagne or sparkling wine made in this style; ie Cremant de Alsace could work but Prosecco won't.

        1. Anything by Zind-Humbrecht or Inedit by Weinbach , or any VT Alsace would be lovely