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Dec 31, 2010 08:30 AM

New Years Eve Food?

What's everyone making for New Year's Eve?

I"m going to a party and bringing homemade cheese and roasted garlic pizza. I'm thawing the dough now, roasting the garlic, then I'll pre-bake the crust while making the sauce. I'll have to do is bake it in my host's oven.

So what's everyone else making?

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  1. It will just be the two of us, so we're making small sizes of four courses: a rappini pizza, raviolo with ricotta and whole egg yolk over roasted aparagus, tiny beef tenderloin with horseradish potato cakes, and blueberry/raspberry crostata.

    1. It's also just the two of us for dinner. We'll start around 5:00pm by grazing on cheeses and pates with toasted baguette. We'll then move on to some roasted chesnuts. Dinner will be strip steaks, potatoes roasted in duck fat, roasted asparagus, and lobster tails with butter. We'll head to a house party for a little while afterwards.

      1. We're having lobster bisque - traditional for New Years in our family and made from the remains of the traditional Christmas Day feast of whole lobster. We're also doing some cheese fondue.

        1. We're also going to a party - fellow Chowhound ArizonaGirl. I'm bringing a charcuterie platter with chicken liver pate with sherry glaze (my first time making it) and ciccioli/pork rillette from Fatted Calf. I'll serve with crostini and ramekins of caper berries and fig-balsamic caramelized onions.

          Chicken liver pate recipe (Paté de Higaditos al Pedro Ximénez):

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            Just a couple of pics from last night's eats:

            Charcuterie, and ArizonaGirl's NYE appetizers: tripe in tomato sauce, sausage skewers, bacon-wrapped dates, cheesesteak stromboli, crispy eggplant, spicy ceci, stuffed mushrooms, & more.

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              Oops. I wish they would bring back the delete/edit function for pictures.

          2. We are having a small family dinner, starting with a cheese, olive, salami platter. Dinner will be risotto and a salad, followed by mini canoles.