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Dec 31, 2010 08:26 AM

Good Side Dishes for Burger Bar Party

Hi All,

I am hosting a burger bar party for New Year's Day and I am at a loss on what side dishes to serve. Would prefer not to serve the typical potato salad or slaw. Thanks in advance!

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  1. How about an a-typical potato salad or slaw? Sorry, but when I saw the title those were the first two things that popped to mind! They just go so well with burgers!

    I'd say any vegetable salad that could be served cold or room temp would go well. I'm making a Texas caviar aka a black eyed pea salad for New Years, that would go great plus you'd have something traditional. Also a good corn salad comes to mind.

    1. Canned Ranch Style beans are good with burgers, if you have access to them. Another good side if French fries cooked in the oven. You could sprinkle any kind of seasoning you want on them or just sprinkle with salt.

      1. Don't know how many people you're serving, but roasted potatoes done with rosemary and olive oil are easy.

        1. Cocktail Franks........aka Hot Dog Sliders. I suggest a good German or Polish Butcher.

          ....and Corn Relish....maybe assorted Kim Chee

          1. The way I'm thinking is naturally the usual, sorry. But if I couldn't have that I'd choose to make a bar full of toppings. Like a great chili, many cheeses (brie!) mushrooms, french fried onions, bacon and thinly sliced ham,crunchy green stuff, and tomatoes. Mustards, and some homemade aioli, and my favorite a green chili sauce nice and hot in a fondue pot with a good melting cheese close by. Perhaps for a sweet side something like grilled pineapple rings.

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              Make those onions caramelized, add some requefort, and I'm with you.