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Dec 31, 2010 07:57 AM

eliminating day old roast beef taste

My husband loves roast beef, but he hates the taste of day old roast beef that has been refrigerated. Any tips for avoiding this peculiar taste, or eliminating it?

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  1. Are you, by any chance, refrigerating it uncovered? It needs to be tightly covered when refrigerated.
    Are you serving it hot or cold? In sandwiches or as a main dish for a complete meal?
    If you're storing it properly and still don't like the "next day" flavor, here are a couple of things you might try.
    Warm the left over roast in an au jus formula, or serve it with gravey or other sauce (e.g. rosemary yogurt sauce)
    Cut the roast into one inch pieces and load them onto skewers, the dip them into an herb infused olive oil and grill them. Grilling, even in winter, can be fun.
    Cut them into bit size pieces and add them to a fondue assortment

    1. I know just what you're talking about. That's one of the reasons I use my leftover roast beef for cheese steaks.

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      1. I have had good luck by slicing the beef thin then putting the slices on a plate that was warmed by hot tap water. This has repeatedly worked for one to two day old roasts.

        1. I'm the same way, so for many years I rarely made roast meats of any kind. Once I got a microwave I discovered that the "day old" taste is diminished considerably, or completely, by rewarming in the microwave. Best is to nuke slices until warm rather than really hot. Save the high temp for the gravy, and pour that over the rewarmed meat. Slice the cold roast as thinly as possible so as to minimize the amount of time it takes to reheat. In warmer months, I'll just let the sliced meat come to room temperature on the counter, then nap it in hot gravy/jus.

          1. I usually make red flannel hash, which tastes fabulous.