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Dec 31, 2010 07:56 AM

Looking for a review of Lola's in Stamford

Anyone eaten there? Walked by the other night and there seemed to be a number of full tables(more then I ever saw at Egane). Would love a positive review - we need some good Mexican in Stamford.

135 Bedford St, Stamford, CT 06901

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  1. It is definitely worth checking out.

    It's not the most authentically Mexican spot in town but for folks looking for far better food and atmosphere than Mary Ann's or Riviera Maya I think it's an excellent option. It's owned by the same group that operates BUtterfield 8, so the vibe is similar - very contemporary and comfortable.

    Their taqueria menu (3 tacos for $8) is an excellent value as are their margarita pitchers.

    I can definitely see making this place a regular stop, but I don't think it's going to satify anyone who's looking for a true Mexican restaurant. In my opinion the menu's not quite Tex-Mex and not quite authentically Mexican. It's perhaps best described as Mexican-inspired with a reasonable smattering of the traditional Mexican food dishes we normally expect.

    That said, both times we went the food we had was all very good.

    You can check out the menu at

    Lola's Mexican Kitchen
    135 Bedford St, Stamford, CT 06901

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      Thanks for the review! Will definitely check it out soon.

    2. I went to Lola's recently and felt it was terrible. Food wasn't good and had poor communication with the waiter. First we ordered 2 margaritas and we were sent a pitcher instead (obvioulsy more expensive). Then we (being a party of 3) ordered guacamole and were sent 2 sides instead. When I told waiter he didn't seem to care. I asked him to bring an entire order of guacamole this time and much to my dismay it was comprised of 3 small sides of guacamole--- each a different flavor but a tiny amount --- I would say a tablespoon and a half of each. Therefore totally a rip off and I'm positive I can make better guac myself. Then we ordered tacos, I ordered 2 fish and 1 veggie. I got 1 fish and 2 veggie. And they sucked. If you want great mexican food go to Brasitas or Red Lulu. Totally not worth it. I then explained to waiter and all miscommunications and he finally took something off the bill, I believe it was the tacos. Super annoying. FOOD SUCKS

      954 E Main St, Stamford, CT 06902

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      1. re: stamford1234

        Red Lulu ...same chain....equally as bad in my opinion

        1. re: suzyrose1

          A point of clarification here: Lola's is not owned by the same group that owns Red Lulu.

          Red Lulu is owned by the group that operates Lolita's in Greenwich, not the group that owns Lola's in Stamford.

          The Lola's ownership group also owns BUtterfield8 in Stamford.

          1. re: Zobot

            sorry....but i group all those fluff mexican places together....give me los molechetes anytime

            1. re: suzyrose1

              If you don't like the "fluff" places and and can't tell them apart why even comment?

              Yes, Los Molcajetes serves much more authentic Mexican cuisine than Red Lulu or Lola's. So do Stamford's truly excellent Casa Villa and El Charrito.

              I respect that you have a strong stylistic preference when it comes to Mexican food, that's totally cool, but if the other places don't matter to you, why comment except to continue to rep Los Molcajetes.

              What Lola's and Red Lulu's and their ilk offer is an altogether different experience from places like Los Molcajetes.

              That doesn't make them bad necessarily, just different. They may be bad all on their own (and Stamford1234 would certainly say Lola's is!), but they're not bad just because they are different from Los Molcajetes or Casa Villa.

              Casa Villa Restaurant
              182 W Main St, Stamford, CT 06902

              1. re: Zobot

                Well, I comment because I think it's a waste of time & $ and we happen to have freedom of speech in this country. I can tell them apart, sorry you were wrong there
                When I go to dinner I like to eat great food, not see and be seen

                1. re: suzyrose1

                  Well i happen to think both of you should meet and discuss your personal differences aside from bashing every mexican restaurant in town.
                  Back to the original posting i had Lola's Mexican this past weekend and i was seriously impressed with everything i saw. First of all they arent trying to be something they are not. I agree with "Zobot" when its referred to as mexican inspired. Its exactly what Stamford needed.
                  I went with a friend and a few girls and we were blown away with the ambiance, vibe, the service and especially the food and drinks. My server was outstanding, very nice and cordial and extremely helpful. He gave us suggestions and he was spot on. Our food was perfect and my friend and i loved the margaritas and the girls absolutely LOVED the sangria. We stayed for drinks afterwards and the vibe stayed great. DJ came on and we had a blast.
                  My friend knows someone there and they just opened about 6 weeks ago so if you had a bad experience maybe Stamford1234 & suzyrose1 went before they got things right.
                  i gove it 5 stars and would give it 5 more if i could.
                  Ill be back there for sure.

                  Lola's Mexican Kitchen
                  135 Bedford St, Stamford, CT 06901