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Dec 31, 2010 07:35 AM

Classic Diner, Malvern

Is it ok, to have a menu state "prices subject to change"? My family ate at The Clasic Diner in Malvern recently and the bill was 10% higher than the stated prices on the menu. In questioning this, I was told it was due to flucuating food prices. Funny, but a bottle of soda was 20% higher then what was on the menu. Our final bill was 10% higher, every item we ordered not being the same prices as was on the menu. I thought the food was all right, but there are plenty of other places to get a good meal and not have to guess what your final bill will be.

I eat out a lot, but this is the first time this has ever happened to me. Is this practice more common than I think?

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  1. Outrageous! Of course we have probably all seen some items marked as " subject to price fluctuations" . However, as you explain the details of your experience, this is a rip off! They need to update their menu prices more frequently and stop screwing customers ! Outrageous!

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      No, it's not common at all. It's misleading pricing. You might even argue it's fraud, but for these guys, it's attitude, pure and simple.

    2. Wow. That's appalling... I love thsi restaurant and its always crowded to the brim but worth waiting to get a table. You'd think in thsi day and age reprinting a new menu with correct prices could be done on the spot.
      I wonder if they are under new management or have had some financial difficulties.

      1. not at all suprised you picked up on that, I noticed my combo on a burger with fries and coke at five guys went up .50 cent more than I paid for it. But the menu price on the board was still the same. Next time i have to mention that to them.

        1. At an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM I think the server should make you aware BEFORE you order

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            I think price increases are put in place without the customer noticing. The server wouldn't have a clue about it unless informed by the management. For this year I am going to be vigilant on checking menu prices vs. final tab of the bill. The paying public doesn't even notice it, I almost got screwed in nyc, when I recieved the bill I didn't look at the bill and paid it without looking at it. I paid someone else tab which had almost $200.00 of alcohol on it. I just paid it because I was paying for a group of 6 people. I looked at the bill after I left the restaurant and left the parking garage. I had to high tail it back and get my money back. Always ck your restaurant bill no matter what.

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              808 very good advice. I suppose we should all know this but how many of us do it? Recent articles note how in some well known restaurants it is common practice to "pad" the bill. Call me nieve but I never expected this to be so. Now I check every bill and have found erroneous charges either accidental or padding. My primary example of this ocurred at our favorite speciality restaurant, a frequent stop where we are known and tip big. Needless to say I was shocked as it did not appear that it could have occured unknowingly. We still love the place and the people but we do the math on all checks everywhere. A cautiionary tale!

          2. This is baloney, no pun intended. I've seen "prices subject to change" on specific, high cost items like lobster, but not the whole menu. I can't imagine that practice will be good for business. Most people are only going to put up with that once.