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Dec 31, 2010 05:58 AM

White Choc Bread Pudding @ Shelby Co Jail? And "Best" of Bham Winners in City Scene

My husband asked me this morning if I knew where Chef Arman DeLorenz was cooking now, and when I asked if he was back in Tuscaloosa or one of his old haunts here in B'ham, was directed to page 2B of the Bham News:

Restauranteur DeLorenz Arrested

...looks like he was picked up on Thursday, "charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance, driving under the influence, and leaving the scene of an accident" as well as had a warrant against him for possession of a couple of drugs I've never heard of.

Oh, Chef DeLorenz, please get it figured out. You are *so* talented. SO talented.

I wonder if they'll be having his signature white chocolate bread pudding tonight in Columbiana.

Anyone see the "Best of" Birmingham in today's City Scene?

Best Local Boy Made Good went to Frank Stitt.

Best deli went to O'Carr's. If they list the runners-up in order of votes (which I think they must since they're not in alphabetical order) then Max's came in last. What a shame.

Best Restaurant: Highland's

Best Hot Dog: Chicago Mike's

Best Barbecue: Full Moon

Best Italian: Bottega

Best Mexican: Cantina (followed by La Paz, Rojo, Cocina Superior, Chuy's)

Best Meat & Three: Niki's West

Best Fried Green Tomatoes: Irondale Cafe. REALLY? Those are the worst I have had (and because I want them to be good, I've gotten them several times). Just can't get over that heavy tempura-like greasy breading they put around them.

Best Fried Chicken: Publix. Again, really?

Interesting - best new restaurant went to the Barking Kudu. That's the one place of all the choices I had not been to. I thought it was just a bar!? Someone explain if you've been there.

Not listing all the winners but thought these were interesting...

La Paz Restaurant
99 Euclid Ave, Birmingham, AL 35213

2921 Highland Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35205

The Barking Kudu
2929 7th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233

Cocina Superior
587 Brookwood Vlg, Birmingham, AL 35209

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  1. Agreed it's a shame Max's didn't take top honors for Best Deli.

    Also, Max's should have been nominated for Best Fried Chicken. It's far superior to Publix, Church's from the nominees, I remember.

    Best Fried Green Tomatoes.. goes to show people voting may go with a popular name (thanks to the movie and book) and I bet they never ate them there.

    Maybe 2011 Birmingham will wake up and get it right overall.

    1. I was disappointed by the Max's snub as well, and agree that they should have made the best fried chicken list as well. Publix's fried chicken is good, but not great. And I got some recently that was just awful. I guess it depends on which location you go to.

      There are many more places over the Irondale Cafe where I've had better FGT's. In fact, one of my faves is the FGT BLT over at the Brasserie @ Whole Foods. Get goat cheese added to it; trust me. Ragtime Cafe over off Valleydale is good as well.

      Barking Kudu: I've never eaten there and have only been twice to the bar, but I was not a fan of the atmosphere and the crowd. But maybe that's just me.

      The Barking Kudu
      2929 7th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233

      1. Arman's son is the chef at Fishlips, and while not fancy, I think it's a pretty good spot.

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        1. re: curej

          curej: Actually, according to this report, Arman's son Damien left Fishlips about a month ago:

          He even leaves a semi-snarky comment about in in a separate post (see page 3):

          Unfortunately, I never got to try the place. I was still young and couldn't really afford to eat at any of Arman's places when his restaurants were still in business, but I did have several friends left broke and sidelined when they arrived to work only to find the doors locked and chained. Most never did get their pay.

          1. re: johnnystiletto

            I was a HUGE fan of Prairie Fire. One of my favorite all time restaurants in the Ham.

        2. @DFK: Brilliant headline. I wondered what the heck you were talking about....

          1. The Barking Kudu started serving food a while back. It's actually quite good. A range of sandwiches, and some really good tex mex. Most of the sandwiches have an African theme. The atmosphere in the evenings and weeknights is pretty laid back, and they're open for lunch too. Nothing like the Fri and Sat night crowds. It's especially nice when the weather gets warmer and you can sit on that nice big patio.

            The Barking Kudu
            2929 7th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233