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Dec 31, 2010 05:41 AM

Birthday Cake

I want something Nifty for my birthday cake-- nothing cakeworks-ish or Crave-like. Far too much icing for my liking. Extra points for locally owned and operated, even more points for Downtown/Southwesterly like areas of Calgary. =)

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  1. Bliss & Co cakes are delish. My fave is Chocolate cake with caramel buttercream filling & chocolate icing. Their icing is way less sweet than Crave & they don't seem to pile it on as much. They have lots of options for flavor/icing combos. Bliss & Co is locally owned by Justina & Sylvia (sisters). They are very easy to work with.

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      Seconding Bliss & Co, in Chinatown and in Chinook Centre. Plus, they have delicious pies (very, very good crusts, and not-overly-sweet fillings)--great for people in your party who are less fond of cakes.

      1. re: aktivistin

        3rd Bliss & Co - I'm not usually an icing fan- their icings are fantastic! and the cakes are excellent (I'd love to know their secret!) The icings are not too sweet, never gritty, the cakes are light and moist. We'll be in Calgary tomorrow I just might have to swing a trip over there to get my fix :)

        Edelweiss doesn't quite fit your geographic area but I'd recommend them for something different - I'd say untraditional but really quite the opposite - they're doing Black Forest Cakes the way they should be-filled with real sour cherries instead of pie filling!

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          The retail part of the Chinatown location is closed until Jan 11 but they are still doing pickup & delivery. Chinook location is open. Just thought I would warn you.

    2. The B Day cakes at Yamato on Center Street N. are the best ever, not too sweet but very decadent and a very good selection. Best to go and try a few small pieces at the cafe.

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        +1 for the cakes at Yamato. I really really like their tiramisu cake. Can't compare to one of the cakes from Bliss and Co but I wouldnt doubt their abilities in making a great cake.

      2. I like Amandine Bakery -

        My fave cake is Bavarian Fruit Cream - light sponge cake with custard in the middle, fruit on the top with real whipped cream all round. Yummy!

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        1. I'll add Glamorgan into there. Might be too far away for you to bother but their cakes are amazing.

          1. I'll add another hit for Bliss and Co. We've ordered from Bliss for the last 2 family birthdays and it's been exceptional both times. My personal favorite being the Red Velvet cake. Not at all too much icing, or even close to "Crave-like". Perfectly moist cake, and delicious tasting icing.

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              +1 for the Red Velvet Cake from Bliss. Just had it for the holidays!

              Here`s a pic - but I shoulda taken a shot of the sliced cake...