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Dec 31, 2010 05:09 AM

White Dog Cafe in Wayne

Anyone been to this new location? We are planning to go tonite for a prix fixe menu and just wondering how the food has been so far to those who have ventured there.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Where is it? I work in Wayne and have never seen it. Is it occupying a previously held restaurant space?

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    1. re: Chefpaulo

      Yes, its quite good. I was initailly concerned that it would not be good in the 'burbs and with the sell out by Judy Wicks. I am pleased to report that the food is as good as the original in Philly and the interior "dog"cor is sooo fun! I definitely recommend thsi place.... the crowds make reservations necessary.

      1. re: foodiepair

        Having reason to be at Penn frequently we loved the White Dog until the last few years. Down hill is a kind description IMHO. Hope the new location aspires to be a top dog as the original was for many years.

    2. I have a friend who dined there recently and was underwhelmed with it. Food was so so and service okay. He wouldn't go back anytime soon. I trust his advice because he is a restaurant owner and i used to work for him. It's fairly new and the place is usually packed when I drive by it. You'll have to taste it for yourself to find out.

      1. Service was fine, young and checked with you at least 5 times during meal. Seats in dining room right off the bar, very noisy bar also, were very, very narrow. Food was unremarkable. Place looks very clubby and done well. Easy and close parking.

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        1. Thought I'd give a report. The new White Dog is on Route 30, across from the Wawa near the downtown. it is in a new building with several other businesses.

          Our New Year's Eve dinner was really nice. It was a $65 pp prix fixe for four courses. A bit on the pricier side for what it was but we all enjoyed it. Alcohol, of course, was extra and no bargain. For first course, two had the lobster bisque (SO declared it very good), one had the mushroom soup and one had the tuna tartare. All enjoyed their dishes. Next round were two diver scallops with a curried sauce and cauliflower and two had wild mushroom raviolis. Those who had the lobster bisque were the same two who had the ravioli and they declared the ravioli to be an 'anti-climax' after the rich bisque. The scallops were cooked to perfection and the sauce divine with it. Next up were a chicken dish, a fish dish and two filet mignons. I can't remember the sides that went with any of the dishes and the entrees were barely discussed but by then we'd had enough wine to segway into odd topics so conversation was overshadowing food. I had the filet, ordered rare, and for once it was cooked perfectly. I was so impressed as I find it more often than not it is way over or under cooked. The meat just melted in my mouth. The portions were relatively large and so by this time I couldn't finish my meal. I took the meat and potatoes home and they were still wonderful the next day. Dessert was so-so and the letdown of the evening. There was a trio of three small desserts...a chocolate cake of some sort that was okay, a baby (and I do mean baby) apple that was covered in caramel that was tasty but no one else in my group even wanted to try that, and a white convection of some sort....maybe a cheesecake? not really sure...and i was disappointed to learn that they charged us for our coffee. Seemed a bit silly to do that for a $65 dinner.

          Overall I thought they did a great job with food and service. They were officially 'full' and not taking any more reservations. However unlike many restaurants on holidays, they did not overbook and so were able to honor the reservation on time and the service was good. In fact, they rotated the tables so that for the most part only 2/3 of the tables in my room were full. Seems odd that they would be 'full' and have empty tables but it worked.

          The strangest thing was that the room we were in had oval tables. While in some restaurants this works, it didn't here. We were a party of four and the table had 2 chairs on one side and a bench on the other. I sat on the bench and so when my food was served, it was on the 'oval' part and it never was lined up in front of me...a bit irritating....i would ask for a different table next time for sure...

          But there will be a next was good food and close to fact, i'd say it was some of the best food at that price that I've had on the Main Line.

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          1. re: cook262

            Craig Laban just did a review on them. He absolutely murdered them and gave them 1 bell. That's is not the right publicity to get for a new restaurant.

            1. re: 808eater

              On the flip side of that he gave Radice in Blue Bell 3 bells. Laban is not always right!

              1. re: 808eater

                well, if he's right that their biggest problem is overcrowding, maybe it's *precisely* the publicity they needed!

                1. re: Bob Loblaw

                  I have to agree on the overcrowding the place is packed friday, sat, sunday when I drive by it, true I haven't checked out white dog cafe on yelp yet.

            2. I have been there for brunch 3 times and I loved it!
              I had the smoked salmon and bagel and the tuna tartare.
              It is a great place but the service is very slow.

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                We went for brunch yesterday, ironically the same day Craig Laban's review came out. I'm glad I didn't read it before we went. We had a reservation and were seated immediately. Although the restaurant was crowded, service was attentive.

                Two of us had omelettes, which were excellent, as were the house potatoes and toast that came with them. The other person in our party had the oysters and then eggs benedict, and he was quite pleased also. The only drawback was really greasy bacon. I would definitely give it a try again.

                Having gone to Radice also and not having liked it at all, I'm not sure what Craig Laban is doing these days. He really seemed put off by waiting an hour for his reservation, and for that I don't blame him.