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What do you listen to when you cook?

Me I put Ipod on my Bosse and listen to the Avenue Q soundtrack. What do you do? Or do listen to anything at all?

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        1. I love having the tv set to SOME kind of cooking show, usually the cooking channel or FIT-TV, I kind of like Sam the Cooking Guy <snerk>.

          1. Haydn piano sonatas, unless I'm making a meatloaf. Then it's Brahms.

            1. If I I want to block out neighbor noise with music it's 50 cent or Eminem. If it's to keep myself awake and energized it's the Black Keys. But if I just want the company of sound it's Alicia Keys, Etta James, or Ella Fitzgerald.

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              1. "is it ready yet???????????"

                The joy of children

                1. Unfortunately, lack of plugs in my kitchen means I listen to nothing but the sizzle of cooking food or my own horrible singing voice. Every time I know I'll be spending over an hour in the kitchen, I really wish I could turn on some sort of music or at least hear my TV from my living room (too far away).

                  At least it helps me focus more on the cooking. That's one place where less distraction is good for me!

                  1. The Who, the Kinks, Green Day--anything energetic and intelligent. Helps me slice vegetables. If I am making something Mediterranean I might listen to Israeli rock, Greek Rebetika, etc.

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                      LOL, I love all those you mention plus many others but I just love listening to someone else ALSO cooking when I am!

                    2. I could never put on headphones and listen to my IPOD. I have tried, but I get all discombobulated and I find I need to hear stovetop cues. If I have a long project I like Ella or Sinatra. Pasta making I like a bit of opera or some classical piano (pref a little Back or Beethoven). When I am doing croissants I love this CD "Phantasmagoria". I can get into a trance and get the croissants done and sneak in other things in between and barely know I am working until my back screams out in a panic.

                      My fallback is my local talk station. That is my daily listen. That or the public radio from Canada. They play a fun selection of quirky jazz - but it is in French, so if I need to have company that is out.

                      1. I used to turn the TV on, but no more. These days I believe in having all the senses focused on the cooking. Listening to the intensity of the sizzle is important to me, to the point that I get a little annoyed when something is turned up and I have trouble hearing the food.

                        1. Explosions In The Sky is my default.

                          1. Mostly Mrs CHM requesting that her boneless skinless chicken breast be cooked extra super well done. :)

                            1. Either Celtic or Classical music.

                              1. The t.v. in the kitchen is set either to the Food Network or CNN......... or I listen to Andrea Bocelli. I only sing when no one else is home....just out of respect for others :)

                                1. I'll listen to moto gp or f1 commentary if there is a race on. Otherwise it's pandora or slacker radio. Sometimes non-vocal ambient music, sometimes metal or alternative, sometimes a podcast if my wife isnt home. I like a lot of classical and classical guitar too, just depends what i am in the mood for =)

                                  1. What do I listen to when I cook? Honestly, I listen to my daughter ask "Shouldn't you put rosewater in that?" or "Don't add too much salt. I really hate salty food" and my son complain, "Can I just have a bagel instead?" and my husband say "Wow, that smells really good. When's dinner?" or "Red or white?"

                                    1. Depending on the mood, one of two extremes -- either Lady Gaga or hard rock, such as Three Days Grace or Saliva.

                                        1. If I'm working on a long and involved recipe/menu, I hook my ipod up to the amp, and listen to my Fear, Mayhem, and Dimmu Borgir compilation while I'm cooking.

                                          Otherwise, it's whatever radio station I can get off of my PC...

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                                              The discordant Klangfarbenmelodies of Nordic black metal makes for fine music to cook by...

                                          1. For cooking, I like fairly up-tempo, not too complicated (some of my favorite music is too distracting to cook to).

                                            I often just put on Pandora. I've found that listening to the Violent Femmes station plays just about a perfect mix for cooking - the Cure, the Clash, the Pixies, the Smiths, White Stripes, early Weezer, the Ramones, the Talking Heads, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Beck, Jane's Addiction, Pavement, of course the Femmes. Great stuff, though I'm not sure what some of it has to do with the Violent Femmes.

                                            If I've got A LOT of cooking to do and not enough time to do it though, I need to keep my energy up - that means hip hop - Dead Prez, Aesop Rock, Jurassic 5, Mos Def, Snoop Dog, maybe some Outkast.

                                            1. Usually Mrs H telling me she's not eating venison that rare.

                                              1. Radio Paradise is usually coming thru the kitchen speakers but I preset play lists of various bands if I'm in the mood to listen to one artist.

                                                1. I like to go with jazz and blues. I like to think that what I'm doing in the kitchen has a certain rhythm and those types of music help me to keep it.

                                                  1. Usually jazz or classical music, often on vinyl. Sometimes TV, but I have to turn it up pretty loud to hear it.

                                                    1. Old school hip hop. Makes cooking even more fun!

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                                                        Nothing picks the energy up in the kitchen like classic hip hop.

                                                        "Engine engine number 9, on the New York transit line, if my train goes off the track, pick it up! Pick it up! Pick it up!" - I'm jumpin up and down by the time the verse comes back around.

                                                      2. Avenue Q! Nice to meet another cooking and musical theater nerd!

                                                        Here's something even nerdier though: I download the Meet the Press podcast on Sundays and listen to that morning's show while I'm cooking. Having only audio is fine. I don't feel that I need a visual of the Senate leadership while I'm trying to make a nice looking roast chicken.

                                                        1. My mother did most of the cooking for our family growing up, but hers was mostly the rushed home from work, quickly throw things together that everyone will eat, heat things up before someone wanders off style of cooking. I appreciated it greatly, but I wouldn't say I aspired to it.

                                                          On weekends though, that's when my father would take over. He'd make some sort of big breakfast, or spend all day perfecting his secret recipe chicken soup, or fill the house with the smell of stuffed cabbage. Where my mother cooked for neccesity, my father cooked as a pastime, something to do for the pure joy of it. And as he'd bang around the kitchen, he would undoubtedly be doing some sort of jerk-motion dance and singing horribly off-key and out of tune. It was usually, "he-e-e-ey good lookin! Whaaaaaaacha got cookin? How 'bout cookin' something up with me!" Hank Williams.
                                                          And that has to explain that the only time in my life I feel compelled to listen to old 1950's era country is when I'm cooking.

                                                          1. Usually it is my stomach growling. I start cooking and it starts making noise! ;-)

                                                            1. When he smells cooking, my jrt starts barking so I listen to him for a bit until I take him out a snack. Then my minature daschund starts whining for a snack too. They have me trained.

                                                              1. We just "updated" the kitchen into a quasi-retro 50s theme (e.g. b&w checkered flooring w/ round chrome bar set, pink walls). So I tend (for the moment anyway) to be playing a lot of Anita O'Day and June Christy singing "Tea For Two", "Midnight Sun", "Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered" and stuff.

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                                                                  If I knew you were coming (I'd've bake a cake)? By Eileen Barton

                                                                2. For all-day "big cooks" (all-day dinner party prep), Stones, early stuff through Exile (especially Exile), Clash, Decemberists in the morning, maybe Dylan or bebop later in the day.
                                                                  For noodling around baking, a Zombies, Cream, Hendrix, or Airplane station on Pandora on my BlackBerry, for that tinny transistor in the kitchen I had growing up nostalgia urge satisfaction. Only problem is having to grab it to skip over the inevitable Creedence/John Fogerty songs Pandora foists on one.

                                                                  1. This morning it was all Motown! Motown mix care of a YouTuber who knows how to shuffle!

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                                                                      That's great motivational music, I love it too.

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                                                                        Somehow great motown music gets the gang, dressed, fed and out the door before they even know what's hit them :)

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                                                                          Whenever you're near I hear a symphony...

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                                                                            Oh the grand finale...setting me free, why don't cha babe....(and end scene) !

                                                                    2. Allman Brothers, Traffic, Grand Funk Railroad, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Judy Garland.... Not too much after 1980, except for The Barenaked Ladies, and some later Clapton.

                                                                      1. The sound of sizzling meat.

                                                                        1. Mrs. G barking out orders and instructions: Watch what you're doing! Don't burn it! That's gonna fall! Not done enough/overcooked, etc.

                                                                          1. Dinner was prepared to a You Tube mix of the band Guster....butter chicken, jas rice, pineapple lassi.

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                                                                              Iron Maiden's 7th son & scrambled eggs!!

                                                                            2. Having my drumset in my great room/kitchen, I crank up the surround sound stereo and I'll listen to everything from Nirvana to Mozart, cranked really really loud and then while things are on the stove, I jump on my set and play a few sets.
                                                                              Steely Dan would be the most played along with some Tears for Fears, Bad Company and Firefall..

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                                                                              1. I kind of match the music to what I'm making/attempting. If I'm doing gumbo, Cajun music goes right along; making meatballs gets some opera; cornbread gets country, etc...

                                                                                  1. Tons of stuff. Mostly Italian.

                                                                                    Fabri Fibra
                                                                                    Vinicio Capossela
                                                                                    Roy Paci

                                                                                      1. For general cooking, when I'm bringing together a meal I've made before or experimenting by myself, it is primarily Phish for upbeat stuff I can concentrate through. When that isn't doing the trick, I'll put on a classic rock mix.
                                                                                        If I'm doing something slow that requires a lot of attention (especially plating) I like jazz, particularly with female lead singers (think Rachael Price, Diana Krall, Stacey Kent, Billie Holiday).

                                                                                        When using mixes, I find the remote itunes app for my iphone very useful - it lets me skip around my library without leaving the kitchen.

                                                                                        1. Let's see: Etta James. I could listen to her sing, "Gotta Serve Somebody" all the livelong day. The Kinks. The Tubes. The Sex Pistols. Green Day. Simon and Garfunkel. Beatles, the Stones, Byrds; and Gram Parsons. And on an "inspiration needed" day, I'll rock it with The Committments.

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                                                                                            Um, Darlin Daughter has asked me to also report on the Muddy Waters and the Dire Straits and Don McLean. She said she actually they thought they were all one album, on an endless loop.
                                                                                            I suppose she's telling the truth. ; )