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Dec 31, 2010 03:58 AM

Have you made a 2011 New Year resolution involving food?

Okay, other than the dieting and losing weight type of food-related resolutions, I was wondering if anyone added into their 2011 resolutions/plans things specifically to do with food? Restaurants the you WILL try this year. A recipe or type of cooking you WILL learn or some sort of exotic food or cuisine you must try.

It's easy for me to get into a rut as the BF loves to go to the same 5-ish restaurants always. So this year I made a list of five local and five within a four-hour drive that I want to try this year. More than half are cuisines that we don't normally eat.

Then I have a list of five foods that I will try this year, and a list of five recipes that are out of my comfort zone but that I will try.

(Oh, and despite all that, i do have the diet/exercise resolution as well). What are your food resolutions?

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  1. There's my usual, general "eat more fish" one. But I don't like fish, so I never get very far with it. I've decided to try to figure out ways to "sneak" the small oily types into stuff I do like as I really need the nutritional benefits (sardines, anchovies), but it's going to be an ambitious goal.

    Ever since we had the baby, going out has pretty much quit happening but I did resolve to try once again to find a decent babysitter so we can get back to going out to eat a few times a year with mr. RNR.

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      Rock, have you tried sardines with pasta? very good...and you are not eating it out of the tin...just sayin' it might help...I think Mark Bittman has a video of sardines with pasta if this helps you.

      1. re: Val

        I've bought them with that intention like 3 times, and then they sit and sit until I finally give up and throw them away thinking I won't ever eat them. I can't even bring myself to open the tin. I have several good recipes for them, including in pasta, but just always choose something else when I'm cooking.

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          Well, maybe just try eating other fish and leave the sardines/anchovies alone...we don't have to ALL like them!

    2. Never to call a vegetable a "veggie."

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        but will you call a sandwich a "sammie?"

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          Not even if captured by the Taliban.

      2. I'm going to make the same one I make throughout the year and every year: buy less junk and keep the fridge/pantry less full!

        Harder than it seems. ::sad sigh::

        1. I'm ashamed that I still have to make this resolution, but I'm just not good at keeping it. Better, but still not good. Mine is to waste less food.

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          1. re: Isolda

            This is my resolution this year also...for the first time. Hopefully it will stick.

          2. I actually managed to keep a few of my resolutions from last year including eating flax seed meal in my yogurt every day and to stop ordering the same dish everytime I go to my favorite restaurant.

            For 2011 my resolutions are to try to eat and cook a more Mediterranean diet and, after a friend just sent me this article about canned food and BPA, to stop using canned foods.
            So, after I make up one more big pot of bolognese to use up the canned tomatoes in my pantry, I will cut out canned foods (except maybe coconut milk since I don't think I've ever seen it sold in anything other that a can.)

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            1. re: EM23

              "to stop using canned foods."
              don't stop using them altogether, just limit yourself to buying brands that use BPA-free cans.

              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                HELL yes! You gotta have tomatoes and they aren't always in season...I live in FL and we've had a freeze recently (I had to SCRAPE ICE off my windshield on Tuesday to get out to work!) for god's will impact all of us! So, yes, consider the Pomi brand tomatoes, so lovely and NOT in a can...Eden Foods offers canned beans with no BPA...yes, limit them but don't totally exclude!

                1. re: Val

                  We've gotten off almost all canned goods in the last year as well, and we do use the Eden beans now, but the Pomi tomatoes were a horrible experience. I tried to make sauce with them and it was so bad I threw it all out. So we are still using canned san marzanos for sauce.

                  @EM23 coconut milk is available "fresh" (in the fridge section) by So Delicious, and it's very good! It's in cartons, like milk. They also make very good coffee creamer, that's all I use in my coffee now. I had to go dairy free for over a year while I was BF my baby and we made the switch to the So Delicious stuff then for coffee and never went back!

                  1. re: rockandroller1

                    just a heads-up to all of you that Trader Joe's uses BPA-free cans for their canned fish, meat, beans & corn.

                    however, all their canned tomato products, soups & stews are still packaged in cans with BPA.

                    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                      GHG, Val & R&R - thanks for your advice. Great to know about the beans and coconut milk - I didn't know that there are BPA-free cans. R&R'er, what store(s) carry the coconut milk?
                      I have no intention of giving up tomatoes! I used Pomi last year to make Marcella Hazan's tomato sauce (the onion and butter one) and it was nice so that was my swap out plan for tomatoes (except for the fresh in season of course). That reminds me of one more food promise for 2011...making & freezing fresh tomato sauce.
                      The only other canned food I love is A's Do Mar tuna - not giving that up.

                      1. re: EM23

                        re: coconut milk, Native Forest cans are BPA-free.