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Walnut oil?

I've got a recipe that calls for walnut oil as a main flavouring ingredient. I've seen those half-litre bottles at Loblaws and other grocery stores, I'm hoping to find a smaller bottle -- partly because it's expensive, but also because I've heard that stuff goes rancid really fast and I'm not sure how often I'll be using it.

Any ideas on where I could find any? Bonus if they sell small bottles of other fancy oils/vinegars/etc -- I'm always curious to try them but reluctant to drop $15 on something I might only use once.

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  1. The Spice Trader/Olive Pit on Queen W has lots of fancy oils and vinegars, though I can't remember if I saw walnut or not. It could be worth a phone call.

    1. If you can't find a small container of walnut oil and still end up buying it, keep it refrigerated. You can find "La Tourangelle" brand oils at Fresh From The Farm and some other locations. If you lived near me and knew how to contact me, I'd give you some.

      Fresh From The Farm
      350 Donlands Ave, Toronto, ON M4J, CA

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        Aw, you're so nice. :) I'll look for that brand.

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          Did you get the walnut oil? The BIg Carrot has 500 ml cans of La Tourangelle walnut oil for $11.49

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            I did, at Winners. Same brand, about $10.

      2. I've purchased walnut oil from Highland Farms, about $8 for a bottle (not sure about size, roughly 1/2 the size of the stuff you can buy in the metal cans).

        Highland Farms
        850 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON M1P, CA

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          I can deal with that. Highland Farms it is!

          Highland Farms
          850 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON M1P, CA

        2. I've seen walnut oil in the size your looking for in the food and cookware section of Winners (they carry the fancy brands that major supermarkets have).


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          1. Lady York, Dufferin, south of Lawrence. If you want to get ripped off, you go to Pusateris. Watch out: this oil goes rancid very fast.

            1. La Tourangelle has toasted Walnut oil, hazelnut oil,pistachio oil and many others.
              I also know there is a brand Roland Foods that is cheaper,but all I know is that company told me they sell to foodservice in Canada.
              -spoke to someone at their head office a few months ago.

              Not sure where you get La Tourangelle as the store I used to get it at stopped carrying it (it was a shoppers drug mart in Ottawa of all places!)

              1. I have seen Walnut oil sold in the bulk store at the bottom of the St.Lawrence market (the one in the basement near the west staircase, closest to Front St.) They have a great selection of different types of oils and different brands.

                1. You might find you use a lot more than you think. Once you try that lovely taste (buy the stuff pressed from *toasted* walnuts - it's outstanding) you'll be drizzling it over everything.

                  Steamed veggies, a lowly sauteed chicken breast (after cooking, please, heat breaks it down dismayingly quickly) -- and walnut oil on salads is fab.u.lous.

                  Keep it in the fridge...it won't cloud like olive oil...and enjoy.

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                    True. I mainly use it on salads, it goes well with a belgian endive and radicchio salad.

                  2. Fiesta Farms carries La Tourangelle walnut oil.

                    Fiesta Farms
                    200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA