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Dec 30, 2010 10:40 PM

Gelatin + cream + brandy = curdled? Help my NYE dessert!

I tried to make an old German dessert called Wackeltante -- it's cream, brandy, sugar, and vanilla heated and mixed with gelatin then chilled. It's supposed to come out like panna cotta. Sort of an olde world jello shot. No recipe, I winged it based on a memory of what my (departed) German grandmother served many years ago. It gelled but curdled.

I want to make another batch before NYE dinner. Does alcohol typically curdle cream? Maybe only in high ratio? I used 1:1 brandy to cream. I know that sounds crazy high but it's supposed to be quite strong. Should I try it again with less booze? I'd hate to waste more good brandy if it won't work.

Please help!

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  1. are you using raw or unrefined sugar? I've been having trouble with things curdling too and wondering if its from my sugar.

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      No, I was using normal white sugar. I tried it again and the cream did not curdle. I think I overheated it the first time.

    2. Melt it, put it in blender, put back in fridge.