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Dec 30, 2010 06:48 PM

Which side of the bottom of a springform pan is up? - Moved from Home Cooking board

Trying to bake a cake in one of my mother's springform pans. Does the bottom piece go in lip side up or down? The bottom piece also has dimples, the lip side is the bumpy side. Am I making any sense? My own springform pan has a glass bottom, so I don't have this issue.

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  1. I always use mine lip/bumpy side up.

    1. I put the lip down so it's a smooth slide for the server to go under the bottom of the cake to serve.

      Really, tho, I don't think it make a critical difference either way. My favorite springform pan just has a heavy slab of tempered glass. No lip at all.

      1. Whichever way it is most watertight!
        My new springform has glass too and I love it.

        1. It makes sense that the bumpy side faces up. Why manufacture the bumps otherwise?

          1. Here's what Food Network has to say:

            The bumps would help keep the cake from sliding, too.

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              I like the sound of the glass bottom cheesecake pan - I live in Canada - can I get one of those pans here - I have never seen one in the kitchen shops around here.

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                I have a glass bottom spring form pan also, it is from Kohls in Boston area. But, it's part of the Food Network collection, so you could google it. Also, check out

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                  Here's a link to some online resources:

                  If one of them won't ship to Canada you will at least have the manufacturer's name and model number to make some local inquiries.

                  I love it. The handles are a great feature. The bottom is unobtrusive and attractive for serving the cakes without having to iift it away from the glass.

                  I haven't experienced any leaking. Of course, I don't water bath my cheesecakes. But if I wanted to I'd just put a piece of heavy duty aluminum foil over the bottom and up the sides of the whole affair.

                  Hope you can find yours! ;>

                2. re: BangorDin

                  Thanks, I always wondered too. :)