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Dec 30, 2010 06:47 PM

Red Robin Unlimited Fries? Huh?

After driving past it for nearly seven years, I convinced DH to give Red Robin a try. Truly the best onion rings we have had in a long time, and decently good burgers. But the fries -- OMG, they were dry and horrible. Worse than any kind of bagged frozen I had ever tasted. The thought that these things were once part of a potato that grew in the ground was hard to get my head around, as these things were so old and bad tasting. They had clearly spent the better part of two years in a freezer in a box. Worse, these were unlimited, and our waitress bragged about them being their "signature". How could they possibly get the onion rings so right, yet the fries so wrong? Anyone else have this experience?

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  1. The best fry in the world can be like crap if it's been sitting around and then served. If they're serving "unlimited" fries there's a very good chance they've been sitting around waiting to be served.

    1. Never had this at our local RR. I love their fries (with ranch dressing to dip them in!) and it drives me nuts that they are piping hot out of the fryer and I have to wait for them to cool a little! I've never had dry or cold fries at our location.

      1. sounds like you got a bad batch. it sucks, but it happens. did you ask for fresher ones or let the manager know?

        i have eaten at RR a good number of times, and only one time did i have an issue w/ the fries. they were old, burned and hard. i told the waiter that i wanted a fresh batch and that's exactly what i got.