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Dec 30, 2010 06:38 PM

Where can I get cake rounds and boxes?

I am looking cardboard cake rounds and various sized boxes for cakes and pastries to give to others. Is there a commercial source where I can get these in bulk and for a cheap price?

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  1. Try Cash 'n Carry on Anderson in San Rafael (next to Orchard) -- or call them and ask.

    1. Spun Sugar in Berkeley has that stuff.

      You could probably get them cheaper at Jetro Cash & Carry or Restaurant Depot, though at least in theory you have to be in the restaurant business or a nonprofit to shop there.

      Spun Sugar
      1611 University Ave, Berkeley, CA

      1. You realize at any commercial place you buy them you're going to have to buy a package of each which would probably be at least 100. That's how I've seen them packaged at cash & carry kind of places.

        1. I'm not in SF but in LA I'd look up cake decorating supplies (google or even try the Yellow Pages) and make some calls to see who sells what. In LA we have places that will sell single pieces or small lots as well as commercial lots. And they have boxes with viewing windows for gift giving. If you can walk the aisles you can really find attractive options you may not be aware of.

          I found this online supplier by googling: Not recommending them; don't know anything about them. Just saying it could be worth a google. And here's New York Cake, a big and well-established company you can count on:

          I just saw an Alton Brown episode in which he said he got some by asking at the bakery dept. of his local grocery store.