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Dec 30, 2010 05:55 PM

Lunch Near the Louvre

We are spending a few days in Paris in September and trying to get a head start on our plan. We plan to spend one day visiting the Louvre and I am looking for a place to enjoy lunch that day in the middle of our tour of the museum. I know there is a cafe in the museum but I have a feeling there are probably better choices in the area for lunch.

I am considering Restaurant Du Palais-Royal. Any thoughts about that choice? Or are there other recommendations I should consider instead?

Price is of course a consideration but not my primary concern and we are willing to spend a little more to enjoy the right place. I'm more interested in finding a relaxing and casual place to enjoy good food, service and atmosphere. Any recommendations anyone can share would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. i'd say walk a bit away from the museum to get from the crowd...

    Go toward the Halles and rue montmartre; and head for the "Cochon à l'Oreille" (cheap and very pitoresque)

    Or for a something different (a bit more expensive because of the wine), you could try the small counter inside "Legrand et Filles" ( Rue de la Banque) for small plates of paté and stuff like that (all cold plates).


    1. If you just want to take a break from art for an hour or so, you could do worse than exiting through the Port des Leons, crossing the Pont Royal and having lunch at La Frégate. In just such a situation, I enjoyed a fine, simple lunch with my daughter-in-law, lovely timely but not rushed service. Tab around 25€ for the two of us: 2 salads, 2 glasses wine, coffee. Great people watching in the bargain.

      1. You might enjoy the bar menu at the Meurice, expensive, but meets all your requirements. Then there is L'Ardoise, Chez Flottes and a bunch of others in the Place du March St. Honore.

          1. re: Nancy S.

            I've read many wonderful things about Spring but worried about rushing what I understand to be such a wonderful experience over lunch. Any ideas how long it takes to lunch at Spring? And is Spring fixed menu only at lunch or can you pick and choose what one would like a la carte?

            Sorry for what are probably quite the neophite questions - but this trip will be my first to Europe and I'm trying to figure things out and I am admitedly quite a planner (even on vacation).

            1. re: Traveling Boudreaux

              From your original post I understand that this lunch will be a respite between two sessions at the Louvre. Spring should certainly stand on its own as a destination lunch, although you might consider a picnic from its boutique at the end of the block on your Louvre day.

              Neophyte or not, you are quite wise to anticipate conflicts of interest between sightseeing and food. Neither should be slighted.

              1. re: mangeur

                IMO, picnic between museums "sessions" can be difficult if not familiar with the city and the neightbourhood.

                You don't want to waste time to find what you want to eat or have to carry everything with you during your museum visit.

          2. A short walk away in the Palais Royale area is Maceo. Reasonably priced wines; nice bar area and when we were there in early June a wonderful all vegetable menu. My memory is the lunch menu was around 35 E.