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If you were alone on New Years: what would you treat yourself to?

I recently moved to a new area.. with no friends or family nearby... therefore, I get whatever I want (no matter how ridiculous) for dinner on New Years since I will be dining/cooking alone.

Suggestions?! What would you cook/bake/purchase if you were celebrating the New Year by yourself?

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  1. I have spent New Years alone several times and I didn't have the resources to get anything nice, but if I did I would get a lobster, a fat ribeye, a tub of ice cream, and a 6-pack of some good beer.

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      I second that! Except I would go for a nice wine instead of beer.

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        I'll third the first, second the second......

        and add a good bottle of Vodka, Scotch, Bourbon or Whiskey.

        1. re: fourunder

          Ardbeg Supernova....... and a good book.

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        Yes, yes , yes! Lobster dinner and a good white wine followed by cremé brulé or chocolate mousse cake, a dram or 2 of Annisette or Calvados and an early good night's sleep.

      3. I would make a nice little picnic to pick at for hours while watching festivities on TV.
        Great bread
        Truffle butter (room temp)
        Splurge on a little caviar, I like the small black paddlefish. Eat it with a spoon!

        Best charcuterie I could afford
        Blue cheese and a soft goat cheese
        Pecans and dried cherries

        and if I felt like cooking I'd make a Pissaladière. If you haven't tried this before it's simple to put together, but really depends on the best anchovy in olive oil and the best olives. I use a puff pastry, not pie dough or pizza dough which could also be used. Even if you think you don't like anchovy this will convert you.

        Here's the recipe I use http://www.trinigourmet.com/index.php...

        1. One New Year's Eve when I had a cold and didn't want to go out, I made a really ridiculous amount of shrimp cocktail and ate it all.

          1. oysters and champagne
            a nice steak or lobster

            1. We are almost always alone on NYE, by choice. DH is always glued to the football games, but we have a special dinner, and snacks. Tonight it will be salmon sashimi, a humus dip I made, salad with homemade roquefort dressing, our favorite liquids, and maybe some sweedish meatballs @ midnight.
              Hitting the road to get the salmon, and remember AA calls tonight Amateur Night!!
              Everyone have a safe and happy NYE and a prosperous healthy 2011.

              1. A crazy expensive bottle of woody white Bourgogne + grillef lobster + clarified butter?

                A Cote du Boeuf + Amarone ?

                Foie Gras D'oie + Monbazillac or Sauternes?

                Bowl of Epoisses + Tokaj honey?

                1. For something simple:

                  3 Freshly laid eggs scrambled soft, with a golf ball sized white alba truffle shaved over the top - served with any DRC red

                  1. Our writers' group usually get together for New Year's Eve, but New Years Day I almost always spend alone.

                    What I have is usually a good homemade soup I've pulled out of the freezer and put into my mini-crockpot. Or I make simple appetizers for myself that are easy to do for one person.

                    As I type this, I'm roasting garlic and soaking beans for hummus for me tomorrow with flafel chips. I'll have that with a good bottle of wine tomorrow, cheese and crackers. Oh, and Bennie, my dog, will have a fancy can of Caesar's doggie food.


                    1. My SO is a musician, so we seldom are together for NYE. I prefer to stay off the roads that night, so I do a solo (with kitties) evening.

                      I kept it simple last night. Had a bourbon while snacking on rosemary pecans in the early evening. Made the much talked about crash potatoes, mushroom/bourbon gravy, medium rare steak and green beans and a nice red wine. Coconut pie for dessert. Got my blackeyed peas in the crockpot for NY day.

                      I just do whatever appeals to me each year! Our text messages usually cross right at midnight!

                      Today we have a bit of time together, so blackeyed peas, white rice, corn bread, collards with pot likker, and ham!

                      Note: Those crash potatoes are delicious! I just about polished them off with the gravy while the steak was cooking!

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                        If i were alone on new years i would go the comfort food route. grilled bananas in honey, throw that into a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. put a couple of lumps of ice cream into a nice tall glass and top it off with some guinness. mmhmm!

                      2. Well, I WAS alone last night, but I spent the whole night and then some wrestling with my primary computer that just came home from the shop, and it ain't fixed! And I've got a deadline I'm working against! But....

                        NEXT New Years Eve, if I'm alone, then I'm going treat myself to some top beluga caviar (I can't afford a bucketful so not having to share will be the joy), some really good bubbly (Hello, Dom!) and I can't t hink of anything I want as a main course. Maybe just cut straight to dessert? I'll think of something. I have three hundred and sixty four days to come up with an idea! '-)

                        1. Thanks for all of the suggestions! I had lobster--since I had never had it. I will definitely be eating it again in 2011!