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Dec 30, 2010 04:52 PM

What to do with freshly caught Atlantic Mackerel?

My Japanese neighbor went fishing today from Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn. And lucky me, he has given me some of the catch - nine fish. Going to try and cut up one into sashimi tonight, but for the other eight, any ideas? These are whole fish, too, something I haven't worked with before, and they are pretty small - probably no longer than 12 inches each.

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  1. Mackerel is very popular in the Caribbean; I'd rub it down in a jerk seasoning and grill. Keep in mind that this fish is kind of oily and according to this link, the fish should be eaten the same day as caught or salt it for fear of immediate spoilage: I'd freeze any I don't plan on eating asap

    1. Yum!! We used to eat a lot of mackerel when I was growing up. Try broiling it - it is an oily fish so it broils very nicely, crispy skin! Stuff it with a few slices of lemon and some herbs (if you have them), salt and pepper the skin (and the inside too). You shouldn't need to tie it to hold it closed. I am jealous you just brought back a bunch of memories!

      1. Lovely - and the perfect size (presumably about 0.5kg weight)

        Some ideas here:

        1. Split open and spread on some Miso paste......broil/roast.......Just like your Japanese neighbor would do.

          1. We skiin it, cut in strips and fry it.