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Dec 30, 2010 12:49 PM

deli boss in roslyn

theres a new deli in roslyn that under the chof k, has anyone been?


i miss having a deli, without having to shlep all the way in to 5ts

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  1. went when they first opened. seemed like it is only take out. it is over priced.I do not know how the rest of the food is but the the potato knish was very oily.

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      1. so we went today, got a burger and pastrami sandwich, the burger roll was a nice roll, not one of those mushy rolls that collapses when you try to pick it up, the pastrami was really good, the burger was a little bit more cooked than i would have liked, but im not the one who placed the order, so im guesssing that might have been miscommunicated, but even though it was in my mind too cooked, it was not dry

        the pastrami was really good, moist and with that good pastrami *crust*
        lately whenever i get pastrami it has a visible crust, but theres no taste to it, and that really annoys me, for the last 10 years in my area, deli has been really bland, when i was a kid, deli was more flavorful and juicy, i missed that

        this pastrami had the tast and consistently of the pastrami of my childhood

        anyway, id definitely go back, and ill be going on to grublifemetro right now and getting a couple of coupons

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          all im gonna say is im glad that guy planted above
          had pastrami tonight
          its a nice moist rye that also has a nice crust, kinda wonder where theyre geting it
          but moreimpt, the pastrami, its just really really good pastrami, which is impossible to find in 2011 in ny

          i highly recommend it

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          1. GREAT NEWS: Deli Boss (Glatt Kosher Shomer Shabbas Meat Catering and Take-Out) now has real restaurant seating and wait service in the evenings.

            Effective tonight, Deli Boss is using the seating area of the adjacent Bagel Boss (after Bagel Boss closes for the day and the tables are cleaned and covered) to provide complete restaurant service. This particularly wonderful news is even more exciting since the demise of the Bistro Deli in Great Neck.

            The restaurant is now under the supervision of Rabbi Asher Schechter, with a full time masgiach tamidi, and all of the cooking is done on premises.

            What I really like about this restaurant is that it has a limited menu and can concentrate on making every single dish 5 star gourmet.

            The value is truly amazing, and portion size so generous that one dinner can easily feed three people.

            The only thing that I missed was real china and silverware. Although they used the finest quality plastic ware available, it is still not the same.

            The wait staff was particularly friendly and most cooperative. The mashgiach was also very cooperative and eager to address our concerns.

            ***** Food
            ***** Service
            *** Ambience
            ***** Value
            ***** Overall Experience

            PS.... although my wife says the pastrami is amazing.... YOU GOTTA TRY THE RIBS!!!!

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              Just ate here with my family tonight (based on the Chowhound recommendation). As noted above, everything was very good: good service, yummy food, nice portions (ordered with our eyes and we shouldn't have). My pastrami sandwich was really good - juicy and reminiscent of the old delis. The fries were really good. My kids liked their corned beef sandwiches and my husband liked his soup and sliders. It is a small menu, but enough of a variety. Sometimes it takes me so long to order because the menus are so overwhelmingly large. We live on the South Shore of Long Island but it was worth the drive and we will hopefully go again.

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                Are thre any updates on deli boss- food, price? Thanks

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                  prices are kinda high, still thing their pastrami is the best, also adding their egg rolls on to that list, have had two different types of egg rolls there are both insane

                  re the prices-they do have lunch specials that are $10 and theyve been running this twitter thing which is either 10 off a 25 purchase or 10 of your next purchase with their twitter word of the day

                  if you have a mroe specific question- ask away