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Dec 30, 2010 12:30 PM

Where to steep liqueur?

I have seen most blogs and recipes recently directing you to leave the jar or bottle of alcohol and the steeping ingredients in a cool cupboard while it steeps. Most of my older recipes and various herbal non-food recipes tell you to put the jar in a window sill so it gets the sun and heat.

Does anyone know the logic behind either method? I just started a batch of blood orange liqueur and didn't know if the window sill would do bad things to it.

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  1. the window sill will allow it to heat up a bit (depending on season and where you live), making the flavors change and the process slightly faster. I'd stick to the cupboard with orange anything, cooked orange juices flavor profile is extremely different than raw juice.

    1. Even if you want to move it to a warmer environment, putting the bottle in a dark cloth bag may be a good idea to prevent any possible light damage.

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        Honestly you don't want light or heat. I keep it in a dark cool place.