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Dec 30, 2010 10:55 AM

Very wrinkly tomatoes!


I went on vacation and forgot three nice little "brown" tomatoes from Trader Joe's. They are very wrinkly, but not overly squishy. There is no odor, mold, or liquid where they were sitting.

OK to eat?

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  1. I'd eat em...slice one down the middle to check them out further I bet there good

    1. When mine get like that, I usually cook with them (as long as they don't look funny when you cut into them).

      Dice them up and throw them in with some pasta with basil and feta.

      1. I can't eat these on a sanwich or a salad, but I've had that happen. I use them for soup or sauce base. I blanch them, peel them and take the seeds out. But they still have something to give flavor wise. I always wondered if they'd work dehydrating them, a low slow oven for several hours, and then use them as any sundried tomato. Or they'd work on a pizza, just slice and place as usual.

        1. Pierce an *X* with a paring knife on the bottom of the tomatoes. Drop in some boiling for for 30-60 seconds and pull them out....shock in water.....peel the skins and remove the seeds.....dice....

          Tomato Concasse

          1. They may not look pretty, but as long as there are no rotten spots inside or out (if there are, cut them away) they are perfectly usable and the partial dehyration reflected by the wrinkling may even have concentrated and improved the flavor.

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              As in half sun dried! I like wrinkly tomatoes!