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Dec 30, 2010 10:44 AM

Tasting menu w/ wine -100 and under?

My husband and I will be celebrating my 4oth birthday and our 5th wedding anniversary in Las Vegas in March.
I'm looking for a really nice restaurant to celebrate ...any cuisine but French since hubby is not a big fan.
I'm looking for a tasting menu with wine pairings...about $100.00 per person is our limit.

The challenge is that I have Celiac Disease and have to stick to a strict Gluten Free diet. I usually email ahead and request a gluten free meal and have had success. I'd like something a little more exciting than plain protein though!

Any ideas?
Thank you!

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  1. Under $100 with pairings is a tall order. However with the current economy, it may be possible.

    Try the Eiffel Tower restaurant. For a few reasons:
    1. I remember we had an extensive tasting menu for $75 so it may be possible to do partial pairings close to your budget.
    2. The setting is truly special. It is the kind of place where you should go to celebrate such an occasion if for nothing other than the romance of it. You can't beat the setting.
    3. The food was nice. It wasn't revelationary but it was solid and even enjoyable. My overall impression was good value.
    4. It is a fine enough establishement that they would be able to accommodate your food allergy.

    Good luck.

    Eiffel Tower Restaurant
    3655 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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    1. If you have car you could go to Rosemary's. They have a very good 5-course tatsing menu with wine (~$120) or beer pairing (~$105)

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      1. Thanks for the ideas. I'm definitley willing to spend more than 100...but I can't do Robuchon much as I would LOVE to!
        We will have a car and have always wanted to try Rosemarys. so we may wind up doing that as well.

        1. Charlie Palmer Steak has a "Cut of the Week" menu that is $48 pp w/bottomless wine. It is very good. The menu changes weekly (posted on Monday) so you may want to start looking at them to see how compatible their typical menus are with your dietary restrictions.

          Charlie Palmer Steak
          3960 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV 89119

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          1. re: shell22

            i think the OP said their trip was in March...

            1. re: mljones99

              CP has been doing this for over a year now, so it could very well still be going in March. I thought if she reviewed their typical menus she can see if they would work for her and if she should even bother considering them.

              1. re: shell22

                pretty sure it was this PAST march... i guess what I am getting at is why did a thread from January get revived?

                1. re: mljones99

                  HAHA. much ado about nothing. Perfect.

                  1. re: shell22

                    I happened upon this thread and I'm glad to hear about the CP deal! So thanks for reviving an old thread!

            2. re: shell22

              This is an interesting suggestion, however this is not a tasting menu, nor a wine pairing.

                1. re: shell22

                  My reply wasn't met to be snide, I apologize if it seemed that way. A tasting is typically 5 or more courses. If a person adds a wine pairing, there is a wine selected for each dish (although sometimes one wine can be for more than one dish).

                  What you suggested is an entree with wine. It's totally different.

                  1. re: PopMegaphone

                    You are correct, it is a "PreFixe" vs. a "Tasting" as it is only 3 courses with sides. However, there are wine pairings. One wine paired with the 'First Course', one with the 'Main Course'. Some might turn their nose up at it, but considering the limited budget, I thought I would suggest it. If it fell short of their expectation for any reason, they can certainly disregard the post. I was more concerned it would not fit the OP dietary restrictions.

                    1. re: shell22

                      Fair enough. Again, my intent wasn't to be snide.

                      Also, I didn't realize the "Cut of the Week" wine was paired with each course.

                      1. re: PopMegaphone

                        People get hesitant to post stuff in fear of being slammed on the CH boards. (as discussed in a thread in the General Topics board). Which leads many of us to lurk instead. It is a community of very well rounded, intelligent, knowledgeable regulars that in their enthusiasm to share their opinions can sometimes seem condescending and I am sure that is often not their intention...

            3. I hate to be a bearer of bad news, but in Las Vegas a full tasting with wine pairings for under 100 dollars is not possible (I'm not even including tax or tip).

              You're going to have to considerably increase your budget or adjust your expectations.