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Dec 30, 2010 10:06 AM

A drink for a non-drinker?

For her birthday. my friend wants to go to a bar for drinks. She and the others in our group, while not hard core drinkers, can handle serious alcohol. I usually have a soda or cranberry juice when I go with them. However, for this birthday outing, I agreed to have ONE drink. I'm not against alcohol. I can handle a little. I'll usually have a sip of somene's drink, or a little wine when it's around. I just don't like the taste. So I'm turning to those in the know: what should I drink when I go to my friend's birthday party? I'd prefer something that won't taste like alcohol...something fruity, perhaps? Any advice?


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  1. How about a Kir ? The crème de cassis should disguise the alcohol (white wine, usually Aligotė) enough for your taste.

    1. I'd go with an Amaretto Sour. Better yet, an Amaretto stone sour. It's a mix of Amaretto, sour mix and orange juice in equal amounts (plus a cherry on top).

      Kinda sweet, kinda tart. Not too strong, and not "alocholy." Used to be my drink of choice before I learned to drink. (No offense meant, of course.)

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        Two hands up to second the nomination for an Amaretto Stone Sour. I hate the taste of alcohol, and wine makes me break out. Amaretto Stone Sours are my go-to social drink. I like them when they put the drink in a blender with crushed ice. You'll taste tangy orange juice (and you can't beat the Vitamin C).

        Another idea. Maybe the bar would have champagne. A nice dry one is kinda like very potent sparkling water (champagne lovers, don't be offended by the analogy; best I can do as a non-drinker who will drink champagne) . Since it's a birthday, a bottle would be a festive choice that you can share with the group.

      2. Since you like cranberry juice,why not just add some vodka which is distilled to be flavorless.It's called a Cap Cod or Cape Codder,but most people just order it as a vodka and cranberry.You could specify a vodka brand such as Ketel One and cranberry, Grey Goose and cranberry,etc.

        1. Amaretto seems like a good idea. If you don't like that, then maybe Kahlua and milk? Very low in alcohol, tastes like a coffee milk. Not the most festive... Or a tiki drink, such as a Mai Tai or Pina Colada?

          OTOH, it seems silly to be forced to drink when you don't want to. When I haven't wanted to drink, I've had soda water, Angostura bitters (not very bitter, more spicy, high in alcohol, but they only use a couple of dashes), and lemon. It is a sophisticated drink, looks pretty, and has essentially no alcohol.

          1. Is it really that you like no alcohol or have you just not tried many? What have you already attempted that you ended up not liking?