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Dec 30, 2010 09:33 AM

Attending BCS championship game - need suggestions for gestational diabetes


We are a group of 4 attending the BCS championship game in Glendale on January 10. We'll be in the Phoenix area Sunday Jan 9 - Wed Jan 12. Our hotel is in Chandler and we will have a car.

The complication is that I have gestational diabetes. The diet is strict, but not impossible - basically I have to have a specific amount from each of 5 food groups (meat, starch, veg, fruit, dairy) at each of three meals. Because of all the starches in Italian and most Asian food, those are pretty much out. I have been able to work with Mexican & Tex/Mex, but it's tricky.

So, I'm looking for suggestions that will please our group, sample a bit of what the area has to offer, and stay within my diet.

Thanks & Happy New Year!

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  1. Take a look at Pita Jungle. There are a lot of good things on the menu. I have found that most people can find something they like. You might have to order a couple of things to satisfy your needs, but, prices are reasonable. Locations are all over the place, but, Chandler or Tempe might be more convenient for you. The Glendale location is a bit out of the way.

    St. Francis also comes to mind for its menu, but, it is not conveniently located for your itinerary, but, you might find a reason to check out that neighborhood.

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      I've eaten at the Pita Jungle locations in Scottsdale on Shea and Phoenix/Desert Ridge. They have a wide ranging menu that would most likely be suitable for your diet. A casual setting.

    2. Try La Piazza Al Forno. This is authentic food that you would find in Naples, Italy. It is a small restaurant so arrive early as they do not take reservations. Hands down the best Neopolitan food in Metro Phoenix. My wife and I have been to Naples and the pizza here tastes just the same. Everything on the menu is great. Very reasonable prices and it would probably fit in with your diet. Call them to discuss. Downtown Glendale is nice to explore as well in this area.
      5803 W Glendale Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301
      Check out the reviews for this restaurant on CHOWHOUND.

      For additional restaurant selections-

      La Piazza Al Forno
      5803 W Glendale Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301

      1. I had gestational diabetes too, I sympathize! The tricky part for me was keeping the starchy foods to a minimum compared with other things, so that colors what I'd recommend, your mileage may vary. Taco shops worked well (lots of meat on a thin tortilla); a board search will turn up a lot of good ones (some include Lulu's in central Gilbert, Guedo's in downtown Chandler, America's in downtown Tempe and Phoenix, Los Taquitos at the 101 and Elliott). Those places are not big on fruit/veggies, but I tended to take a little lunch bag of grapes, carrots/celery, cheese sticks, and crackers with me during the day to "even out" anything I missed and for the annoying non-optional snacks I had to have.

        Some of the board favorite "upscale Mexican" places should be okay if you feel like driving to them or are in those areas-- Barrio Cafe (downtown Phoenix) and Los Sombreros (S Scottsdale) both serve a lot of dishes that are meat with a veggie side rather than rice/tortilla based. In downtown Tempe I did well at Restaurant Mexico as long as I ordered carefully (they're happy to swap sides of rice out for beans). The Vietnamese food at Cyclo in Chandler was okay for me (a lot of things there are just meat and veggies, no rice or noodles), but that seemed to be the only Asian place where I could eat. My blood sugar couldn't handle any sort of pizza for some reason, but you may be luckier. If you go to the botanical garden, the surprisingly good cafe there has good salads with meat and/or nuts. The only restaurant I've been to in Glendale was Haus Murphy, but I love it, and there's lots of meat and veggies there as long as you choose your side dishes carefully.

        Restaurant Mexico
        423 S Mill Ave # A, Tempe, AZ 85281

        Los Taquitos
        4747 E Elliot Rd Ste 17, Phoenix, AZ 85044

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          This probably isn't of much use to the OP, given the locations she'll be traveling between, but in case folks with similar dietary restrictions stumble upon this thread, it might be helpful to note that Los Reyes de la Torta actually offers quite an array of fresh fruits in addition to their savory dishes.

          Los Reyes de la Torta
          9230 N 7th St Ste E, Phoenix, AZ 85020