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Dec 30, 2010 09:32 AM

best veggie/mushroom stock for purchase in Vancouver-URGENT!

I am making mushroom risotto for New Years Eve tomorrow and usually use chicken stock/broth for good flavour. However since becoming a vegetarian have found it hard to find a good flavourful veggie/mushroom one. I can't make it myself so if anyone has some good suggestions for where it would be greatly appreciated. I don't mind using the cardboard container variety either.

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  1. Not in Vancouver, but if you have a Whole Foods or a Trader Joe's, both of those places have good veggie stock in a cardboard box. But in all honesty, the best mushroom broth is homemade and super easy. Just throw some dried mushrooms and some mushroom stems in water with a little salt and boil for half an hour or so. Taste it to see if it has aquired that umami flavor. Assuming you are using onions and garlic in your risotto, you don't need those in the broth. You will have plenty of mushroom flavor.

    1. The Stock Market on Granville Island. I would call them first to make sure they have it though I'm pretty sure they will. I love this place for soups, stocks, sauces, etc.... and all homemade. (604) 687-2433.

      Stock Market
      1689 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC V6H3R9, CA

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        Thanks-I will call them (do you think the veg or mushroom one would be better for the risotto?)...if I can't get over there this afternoon, I will use Vandan's suggestion for Imagine brand....thanks all for posting!

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          Love this place, especially using their demi-glace as bit of a cheat because it takes for freaking ever to do yourself.

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            The demi-glace & the veal stock are the two things I buy too because I'm too lazy to do them! I also like the Bernaise when I'm feeling really lazy. These stocks are expensive though (especially the demi-glace), but worth the price to me since I'm not willing to invest that much time doing it myself. I totally agree with you with Lonsdale!

        2. i've been using Imagine brand veg stock as my everyday for a few months now and can say that it has a deep rich flavour, but i must admit that the colour ( a muddy brown) is not very appetizing

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            couldn't get to GI so I used Imagine brand with good results. I put the dry mushrooms I was using in the broth and it gave it a very good flavour-thanks!!!!

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              Just tried this outstanding brand of veg stock called Kitchen Basics when I made lobster risotto this weekend and wanted to mention it because my dish turned out so wonderfully-much more delicious than when I used to use chicken stock or broth. I purchased from Capers on 4th for 3.99 (I think). It is stock not broth so it is really clear-no need to strain or anything. The flavour was outstanding.

            2. I also like Pacific brand when I need an 'out-of-the-box' broth. Straining the broth through cheesecloth or a basket-style coffee filter (takes LOTS of time!) will yield a much cleaner-looking finished product.
              Mushroom broth from dried mushrooms is, as lsolda said, super easy, and tastes great.

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                such a seemingly simple ingredient - but so important in terms of the foundation of a dish
                I was going to suggest Pacific brand (labelled as organic) as it seems to be avail in just about everyone's market up here in BC for about 3.50 / one liter "tetra pak" --- but I am not a big fan of their vegetable broth. Ugh. It has a funny taste and smell and it is very cloudy. However, I do often use the LOW sodium chicken broth also by Pacific. And sometimes when I am desperate (or not), I use the low-alcohol beer that we can buy in our supermarkets here in BC (over braises, or oven ribs, or in baked beans, etc ... for example)

                and yes - stock market on granville island has been there forever! well worth it. thank you for the suggestions re: demi glace - above.

              2. Just a note, be sure to read the labels of the tetra pack broths carefully if you're cooking for a vegan or non-dairy diet. I can't remember which brands but some of them add milk products to their broths (especially the chicken ones).