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Dec 30, 2010 09:11 AM

non-exotic family meal in Berkeley?

I'm visiting family who just moved to Berkeley. We're looking for dinner out tonight, for people who like good food but aren't terribly adventurous. Good Italian or Chinese or Indian or something like that would be fine. Suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. If Cajun isn't too exotic, then Angeline's might be a good choice. Otherwise closer to your requests, the Trattoria on College is decent italian or perhaps Oliveto. Great China downtown is good or Ajanta for Indian on Solano Ave.

    Ajanta Restaurant
    1888 Solano Ave, Berkeley, CA 94707

    Great China Restaurant
    2115 Kittredge St, Berkeley, CA 94704

    Oliveto Cafe
    5655 College Ave., Oakland, CA 94618

    1. Not knowing your price point, here are some ideas:

      Breads of India
      Digs Bistro (I believe that tomorrow night is their last night, so definitely call in advance)
      Chez Panisse Cafe
      Little Star Pizza (Solano in Albany)

      Let us know what you pick!
      Pizzaiolo (North Oakland)

      5008 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

      Chez Panisse
      1517 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709

      Digs Bistro
      1453 Dwight Way, Berkeley, CA 94702

      Breads of India
      948 Clay St, Oakland, CA 94607

      Rivoli Restaurant
      1539 Solano Ave, Berkeley, CA 94707

      Little Star Pizza
      1175 Solano Ave, Albany, CA

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      1. re: milklady

        I also thought of Sea Salt, as long as everyone eats some fish/seafood.

        Sea Salt
        2512 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702

        1. re: milklady

          Also not sure about the price point, but would add Corso and Gather

        2. I think my sister has settled on La Note. Thanks so much for all your information -- she's living here so is happy for the input!

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          1. re: somervilleoldtimer

            La Note is yummy, but i think more ambitious than what i would have thought you were looking for.

            1. re: mariacarmen

              La Note was indeed yummy, and I wasn't sure my mother, in particular, would be up for it, but she had the ratatouille and loved it. It was also pricier than what I had expected, but at some point I had to walk away from the discussion and let my family choose. The prices were moderate and the creme brulee au chocolate was great! Nice restaurant, nice ambiance. I would go back.

          2. Just took my unambitious father to LoCoco's: It's a very cute family owned place, been around forever. my dad loved it. the pappardelle bolognese on their specials menu is fantastic, as is their pizza. AND their meatballs!