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Dec 30, 2010 08:27 AM

Sho or Mas Farmhouse?

I am taking my boyfriend to either of these for his 32nd birthday. Any imput on either would be appreciated. I had considered EMP, but felt it was a bit out of my budget. We love good food and new experiences.


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    1. re: thew

      Same here. Have not been to Mas Farmhouse.

      1. re: valerie

        I am not a fan of SHO. I like Mas very much.

    2. I've never been to Mas. Having said that, I've really enjoyed SHO on multiple visits. It may come down to your particular tastes/menus. Mas, from what their website says at least, seems like a French-American food while Shaun Hergatt is Australian and fuses French technique with Asian touches.

      At SHO I've enjoyed both the tasting menu (~5 courses) as well as ordering a la carte. Between the canapes, amuse, and petit fours, they won't let you leave hungry. The ambiance may not suit everyone as its all the way down in FiDi and upstairs of the Setai, but I especially enjoy the long windows looking into the kitchen, which makes it seem like an open kitchen without all the noise. If you go, be sure to request a table by the kitchen if you like these things. Cocktails have been hit or miss but I've always enjoyed the wine program here.

      Bread service seems standard at SHO, with two or three varieites, but the addition of a truffle butter is great, if you like truffles that is...

      To end the meal, I especially love the salted caramel bon bons but the pate fruit and macarons are nice as well. If you're too full, just ask them to box them up for you and you'll have a nice treat afterwards.

      The tasting menu has always contained a nice progression and includes a pre-dessert before segwaying into dessert. I've also recently eaten at SHO with their current menu and really enjoyed the Foie, Lobster and Lamb.

      I've heard good things about Mas and whatever you decide on, I hope you both enjoy the special occassion!

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      1. re: TheDegustationAsian

        Taking a cue from RGR and adding pictures from two of my meals there...haven't gotten around to posting the most recent one.

      2. I've never been to Sho, but have been to Mas. I went for a special occassion a year or so ago and thought the food and drinks were great. The ambiance is nice, but I would warn you that if you are looking for a spacious setting you will not enjoy the place at all. You will be seated very close together with other diners, which for me was fine since if you are enjoying each other's company the surrounding conversations won't be too much of a bother.

        We did the six course (as opposed to the tasting menu or a la carte) and thought the variety and quality of food was great. I would highly recommend it, as long as you are comfortable with the lack of space.

        1. went to MAS once and had an amazing tasting menu and wine pairing. I Strongly recommend it.

          1. I was new to New York back in September...chose SHO out of all choices for my 40th b-day and i have regretted it ever since exploring so many other great places...the amuse at Sho was the highlight for me...fois gras croquetes were amazing and the perfect temperature...the rest of the food was a "Show" way prettier than it tasted....none bad but none wowsy... Mas looks neat and have not made it there yet...but i recomend Picholine or Modern for blow out original looking food with wild new tastes....and not much more money...and not in the spooky dead financial district after dark...

            35 West 64th St., New York, NY 10023