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How do I remove the residual glue from the sticker at the bottom of a Staub cocotte?

I won't come off with soap and water. I used Goo Gone to get rid of the glue on the outside of the pot.

Is it safe to use Goo Gone on the enamel inside the pot? Is there something else I should consider?

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  1. Safe, just wash well after. For delabeling wine bottles, I use a product called PBW (I think Professional Brewers Wash?). Really sticky stuff requires a good soak it it, but it contains no petroleum products. Available at most homebrew stores.

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    1. Either peanut butter or mayonnaise will remove any leftover adhesive. Works everytime. No chemicals, completely biodegradable.

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        I've never heard of this before. Just apply peanut butter, rub it in, then wipe clean?

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          Yup, that's all there is to it! I read this tip years ago in some newspaper and have used it ever since. It has worked time and time again. It's safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic to pets and children. In a pinch, I've used vegetable oil too. The beauty of it, of course, is that any residue is completely gone with hot soapy water.

      2. Try cooking oil and a plastic scraper.

        1. Never saw any label glue that wouldn't come off with your good old WD 40.

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            True, but why use chemical solvents when you don't have to?

          2. Alcohol will get rid of the sticker gunk brilliantly well. You can use rubbing alcohol (rinse well!) or a splash of vodka.

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            1. A citrus-based degreaser would work just fine. Or just burn it off with a creme brulee torch.

              1. The reason the peanut butter works is because of it's oil content. Skip the peanut part and spray it with Pam. (Or use the men's cologne WD-40).

                1. Label residue left after sticker is removed from inside of Staub cookware.
                  Label residue left after sticker is removed from unglazed bottom of Emile Henry bakeware.

                  Two things we are sick and tired of. (But other than that, I do love the Staub!)

                  1. Throw it out and get another one with a sticker not on it...oops, I mean recycle it, sorta like Cast Iron why strip when ya can get another?

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                      Thank you for your enlightening, thought provoking contribution to this thread.

                    2. Methylated spirits should do it - it's an organic solvent which should dissolve the glue, but it's also water soluble and will wash away easily when rinsed with water.

                      1. I'll assume you have the residue off by now ;)

                        I usually go through a progression of chemicals to remove the residue as you never know what kind of glue you are dealing with. Goo Gone is a good start, after that I try a citrus cleaner (orange whatever), the denatured alcohol, and finally a progression of mineral spirits, naptha, and acitone or methyl ethyl ketone. Any of these can then be removed with soap and water, I wash twice, just to be sure the chemicals are gone. None of these should have an adverse effect on enamel or fired ceramic.

                        Thing is, the company stuff is usually one glue and the in store stickers anre something else and usually the most difficult to remove.