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Dec 30, 2010 07:54 AM

De Buyer Mineral Fry Pan - should the bottom be scratched?


So, i just ordered my first De Buyer Mineral pan from Amazon, after never seeing one in person before, and the bottom of the pan looks pretty bad in comparison to the cooking surface. It has visible scratches and an unfinished look in comparison to the cooking surface.

Just wanted to make sure that this is normal before I start using it, or if i should send it back.


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  1. personally i wouldn't give it too much thought, it's the cooking surface that makes the biggest difference, the bottom is going to end up getting scratched up from your cooktop anyway (assuming you have grates/grills over your gas burners, forgive me if you have a smooth top)
    It will not affect your performance any if the scratches are lite. if there are gouges on the bottom of the pan then maybe i would think about sending it back. if you have a sur la table near you, they now carry that line and you can compare yours to theirs and decide if it seems normal.
    pictures of the surface and the bottom would help if you have them too.
    if the scratches bother you on a personal level then i would suggest sending it back for a nicer copy, otherwise it might always plague you that the pan you got was damaged.

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    1. re: cannibal

      Thanks. I do have a smooth top actually...Funny, Im actually on my way to Sur La Table, just to browse, and I was going to take a look at their pans to compare...Thanks. I've attached a cell phone pic. Sorry if the quality sucks.

      1. re: Rebelatheart

        to me it looks like scuffs from being stacked on another pan. it'll be fine if you decide to keep it. as they say, it's what's on the inside that counts ;)

        1. re: cannibal

          Thanks. Of course I went to SLT and all they had were some ultra cheap looking De Buyer crepe pans. Alot of the scratches look uniform . Who knows. Not sure how i feel about the green gel thingy thats in the handle, so maybe i''l send it back for a Carbon Plus model. Thanks again.

          1. re: Rebelatheart

            the carbone plus line is what i prefer, though they're both excellent. i had a tough time finding mine and only found two places that carried the one i was looking for (32cm w/ handle) i sourced mine from but also had it, at the time bakedeco had the best shipping price, do you know of another place that has them?

            1. re: cannibal

              Any reason why you prefer it over the Mineral pan? And yeah, i found out about this place on the forum:

              They seem to carry a good amount of the product line.

              Im looking for the 12.5" fry pan. Is this what you ordered. This looks like the Carbone + line, even though it just says Carbone. It also is much cheaper than at finestcookware. The model #'s seem to match up:

              1. re: Rebelatheart

                i prefer the carbone+ because it doesn't have the weird silicone thing in the handle, plus the 12.5" carbone+ has a helper handle, where the mineral of the same size does not.
                the finish on the mineral line is supposed to be a bit nicer, but they both perform the same so it's really just an aesthetics thing.

                bakedeco is where i ordered mine from, so they're legit ;)

                1. re: cannibal

                  Thanks. Im sending the Mineral pan back, and I ordered the 12.5 " Carbone + frypan and the 12" Carbone + Crepe pan. Wasnt sure if I even needed a crepe pan, or what size to get, but figured it would be good for pancakes, so I got the bigger one.

                  1. re: Rebelatheart

                    I like a 22-24cm size for crepes. That matches my burner size, and is right for a 2 egg omelet, and a ladle of crepe batter.

    2. So, I got my order in from and.....I am not statisfied.

      The bottom of the Carbon Plus fry pan looks like my Mineral, I guess that is

      But, I dont know if it is from shipment or what (my crepe pan was stacked on top of the fry pan, with no padding in between), but the fry pan is especially scratched inside. Scratches, rings, and little dents/chips along the rim of the pan. The pan also had 2 small rust spots on the bottom.

      I read a few threads about how the finish of the carbon plus pans is not as good as the mineral pans. If what i just described is a reflection of that, please let me know.

      As of now, looks like I'll be sending these pans back.

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      1. re: Rebelatheart

        These pans are not showy stainless steel or nonstick that must not be scratched.

        Could you feel the scratches, or just see them? With use and seasoning visual scuffs will disappear.

        Rust spots on the outside bottom? No problem. Even rust on the inside isn't a problem provided it does not pit the surface.

        These are working pans, not show pieces.

        1. re: paulj

          I can catch a few of them with by finger nail on the surface of both pans, and definitely the ones on the rim.

          1. re: Rebelatheart

            rim ones can be smoothed with a file or sharpening stone; they won't affect cooking. For interior ones you'll have to make the judgement.

      2. Oh, Rebelatheart, what a cute little thread! Honey, do you do any cooking in your pans? It's a wonderful hobby buying nice expensive cookware (I should know!); but it's even a better second hobby to cook like a mad chef in the things that you buy! Scratch, season, burn—give pots and pans a run for the money! Shiny and unmarred silver is pretty, but not tasty! I've even gotten over my annoyance at the finish scratches on my enameled Le Crueset....!

        As PaulJ stated, these carbon steel/Mineral pans are not stainless or non-stick—pans that don't develop seasoning over time and should be kept very clean; scratches on these un-seasonable pans are a PITA, though even that doesn't bother me any more as my All Clad Copper Core gets older and makes more and more greast tasty things...

        But with carbon steel pans (and woks), scratches will happen, but with any luck they get covered over with seasoning and fade away. And for sure, Rebelatheart, my dear—DO NOT scrub these pans to get that shiny silver or black finish back! The browning and blackening is the seasoning process! A very well seasoned pan will actually have a shiny black coating with slight uneven blotches—drips and splatters— here and there, that have carbonized—not perfect and even, but oh, how magical when cooking!