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What and (Where) was your FAV dish, in SD, for 2010

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Was it a Great Steak? Seafood? Italian? It has to be the 'one' favorite that really stands out.

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  1. the grilled musubi ball with ume in hot broth at Okan
    the Nagoya style cold noodles at Okan

    sorry, had a hard time sticking to one!

    1. Cauliflower in green curry sauce at Addison.

      1. "If a single moment stands out in a person's life, it must have been a pretty boring life"

        --Ray Terrell, my middle school science teacher.

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        1. re: Fake Name

          if *no* single moment stands out in a person's life, i'd say *that* is indicative of a pretty boring (and sad, and lonely) life.

          first kiss. graduation. saying "I do." birth of a child...nope, nothing remarkable or memorable there!

          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            Yes, all those are important moments. Thus, my point. I can't differentiate between our child's birth, his subsequent rise to the ripe old age of ten, meeting the not-yet-but-soon-to-be Mrs Name, or, perhaps even more important NOT getting hit by a car while motorcycling (something perhaps more important than all the others).

            For food, certainly a romantic and spectacular meal in Aix en Provence, the perfect burrito at Sergio's, three hour meal by myself at Bouchon, and the most pathetic restaurant in Fredonia, AZ where no vegetables were on the menu.

            None. But after that day's off(and on) road riding near the Grand Canyon, and helping an injured fellow rider back to our origin with his leg broken, it was remarkable meal.

            Tea at the Carlton in Monte Carlo, lunch in Pienza and a group dinner in Cortona. Cheese sampling meal in Tuscany. Our son's first oyster (and subsequent addiction for MrFussy) and the lunch at Denny's after knowing my father's death was imminent.

            Our third trip to Addison and the cassoulet I made here at home. Mrs Name's pies were awesome this year, and she made The World's Best Carrot Cake (some thanks to Dorie Greenspan) for xmas dinner.

            But pick one?

            No way.

            1. re: Fake Name

              Oh, yeah- a pouch of Starkist albacore tuna with a plastic fork and dessert of dried Trader Joes blueberries on the very edge of a 1000' cliff in a remote area of the Grand Canyon.

              Belon Oysters in Nice.

              Cinqueterre wine in Monterroso al Mare

              I just can't pick one.

              1. re: Fake Name

                That's only because you haven't been to Berlin.

                1. re: Fake Name

                  okay, i see what you're saying - i misinterpreted the meaning of your quote...but even though i had some pretty terrific food "moments" here in LA this year (SD was pretty unmemorable during the 7 months i was there in 2010) and i'd hate to have to pick just one as *the* one, if someone put a gun to my head i could do it :)

                  besides, all the food moments you listed were elsewhere - does that mean nothing stood out for you in SD this past year? i'm not being a wiseass, i'm genuinely asking.

                  1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                    Addison and Sergio's both excellent this year.

                2. re: Fake Name

                  Agree. It's often a new flavor, the good company, spectacular (or bizarre) location, circumstances or events that sets a meal apart rather than the food itself. Many memorable in that way from travels and often simple. I'll take a peanut butter sandwich on a deserted atoll in the Cook Islands over 5 star white tablecloth feast any day.

                  1. re: Fake Name

                    Child's birth, meeting someone, getting not hit, none of those are names of foods nor happened this year. The original question is a soft toss here lol.

                3. re: Fake Name

                  How about many moments, some of which happened this year, and one of which involved food? Now we just have to name it!

                4. I just had the best dish in SD last night at Kitchen 1540. It was smoked steelhead roe on a piece of toasted brioche with frozen creme fraiche. So simple yet so good. The different textures, flavors and temperatures really made this something special.

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                  1. re: SDGourmand

                    omg that sounds fantastic. Is it too early to start drooling?

                    Off the top of my head, I have to add the ricotta gnocci and oxtails at Whisknladle. Several amazing courses at Wine Vault this year...darn so much for a single favorite.

                    1044 Wall Street, La Jolla, CA 92037

                    1. re: SDGourmand

                      Now that sounds awesome, it's going on my list.

                      1. The kebab shop. doner kebabs... my first time trying. [spent less than 24 hours in SD, thanks for the rec, San Diego board!]

                        1. Drinks with a friend at Noble Experiment. Blew my MIND (in more ways than one).

                            1. re: Josh

                              let's keep it loca,l there's gota be some great stuff the hounds noshed on last year.

                              1. re: cstr

                                The bacon-wrapped octopus at The Linkery is seriously delicious.

                                3794 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104

                                1. re: Josh

                                  Thus proving the old adage...everything's better with bacon. Not that octopus needs much help, but adding bacon sure sounds great :-)

                            2. Pork belly sammie from the MIHO truck. Burger too. And the fries. Cinnamon roll at Urban Solace. I like that place.

                              Urban Solace Restaurant
                              3823 30th Street, San Diego, CA 92104

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                              1. re: FireFlyFiftyFive

                                That sandwich from Miho was really good! With picked cucumber and kimchi?

                                1. re: mjill

                                  Yep, that was the one. Really a great flavor combo.

                              2. My favorites from 2010:

                                The herb gnocchi from Avenue 5 - really the best version of gnocchi I've ever had. Light, pillowly, and earthy at the same time.

                                Pizza from Pizzeria Bruno Napoletano - finally got to try the pizza that everyone talked about for so long.

                                Victory at Sea, nitro, by Ballast Point - Adult chocolate milk, and that's a good thing.

                                Julian Hard Apple Cider.

                                Country ham and eggs - the Linkery. Really the best breakfast I've had in a long, long time.

                                3794 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104

                                Pizzeria Bruno Napoletano
                                4203 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92103

                                Avenue 5
                                2760 5th Ave Ste 100, San Diego, CA 92103

                                1. Shio and shoyu ramen at Yakyudori. Pretty much by shear number of times I ate there. However, because of Yakyudori, I've been reminded how much I still like Santouka as well. I hadn't eaten there in quite awhile and find I enjoy it even more in between my frequent Yakyudor visits.

                                  1. My favorite was the goat cheese ravioli at Cucina Urbana. And I am going to cheat and name my favorite dessert as well--the butterscotch pudding at Banker's Hill. I wanted to take a bucket of it home with me.

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                                      I love butterscotch and I liked the flavor of the pudding at Banker's Hill. But, wow, the last time I had it my portion was so sweet I left at least half of it because I couldn't eat it. Disappointed.

                                    2. Confit of duck leg at A R Valetien.

                                      1. Last year I ate way too much pizza in both NYC and here in SD. That said, my favorite dish, hands-down, was the Margherita pizza with Arugula, at Pizzeria Bruno in University Heights.

                                        A close second is the butternut squash ravioli at The Smoking Goat. Divine.