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Dec 30, 2010 05:51 AM

fish question

where to buy fresh sardines in San Francisco?

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  1. Fish of a fin may school together, see if this fresh anchovy link is helpful.

    1. often find them in chinatown.
      whole foods sometimes carries them. best to call ahead.

        1. In the Mission, I've seen both fresh anchovies and fresh sardines on occasion at Mission Market Fish and Poultry. Call ahead and Bob will try and find 'em good and fresh or tell you if he has them. They are more reliably available at Manila Oriental Market.

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            thanks all, I was thinking Sun Fat--good store years ago that's become spectacular....didn't realize they have a website (talk about working to a market) excellent crab at a good price there a couple weeks ago, will make a beeline after the first. trying Mark Bittman's recipe from this week....

          2. Not San Francisco. Seen today at Monterey Fish Market in Berkeley.