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Dec 30, 2010 05:39 AM

New Years Traditions

What are yours?

We will be spending a somewhat quiet New Years with just the two of us and our two young daughters (four and one). However, we'd love incorporate some traditional items in our menu planning--foods for good luck etc.

Any ideas for New Years Eve and/or New Years Day to help them feel a little more special? We've frequently done fondue with friends and may keep that going this year--but we are open to any ideas.


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  1. Since we have a big New Year's Day open house, we stay at home cooking on New Year's Eve. However, to make it special, we always break at about 11PM and eat smoked salmon with party pumpernickel bread with cream cheese and capers, caviar with blini, and potato chips with clam dip. A a bottle of Champagne, of course, and fizzy apple juice for my son.

    1. We usually go out to our favorite neighborhood restaurant that does a seafood special on new years eve but my husband will be on shift at the fire dept this NYE so the little one and I are going to make homemade pizza and hang out.
      On NYDay we always start the day with a walk on the beach and then come home to black eyed peas, collard greens, either pork chops or ham, and cornbread.

      1. I remember when I was a kid, my mom would bring home a New Year's Pretzel. It was a big, yeast-bread-coffeecake type of thing, at least 10" across, covered with white frosting or glaze and decorated with candied cherries. So gaudy but we kids loved it...anyway the idea was that just before midnight, everyone would grab hold of the pretzel. At the stroke of midnight you would break a piece off and eat it for luck in the coming New Year.

        I don't know where the tradition comes from...I grew up in Pittsburgh, my family has a lot of Germans & PA Dutch, so maybe that's the source. My husband is from the Philadelphia area and never heard of it - he swears that I made the whole thing up :-)

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        1. My husband and I do a fondue on New Year's - something your little girls would find intriguing! We do two savoury ones with oil (beef, pork, chicken and another shrimp), a cheese fondue (bread, veg, mushrooms) and a dessert one (chocolate with angel food or pound cake and fruit). We make a tempura batter and several condiments such as honey dijon mustard, a Thai sauce, aioli, etc. The most work is prepping everything but once that is done all you have to do is fondue and enjoy each other!

          1. with kids and friends, i try to do "new" foods. if i'm having guests over, i try to find out things they've all never had. then try to do some fantastic rendition. for your kids, it might be lovely and special for them (the older one for now) a new food to try, then find a fun way to prepare it.

            sidenote: as a kid i remember my mom ordering chinese, and letting me and my friend eat dinner in her big (empty) jacuzzi bathtub. it was weird, but fun.