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Dec 30, 2010 05:13 AM

Quick cure gravlax?

I am hosting New Year's Eve, and planned to make gravlax, but due to flight cancellations from the big storm in the northeast, I didn't make it home until early this morning. Does anyone have experience with making gravlax with only a day and a half to cure, or should I just forget the whole thing?

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  1. If Julia Child could do it in two hours, so can you. Here's her basic technique from Julia and Jacques At Home, scroll down to the second recipe:

    And that's exactly how I would do it, by thinly slicing the salmon first. I'm not sure if I'd use Cognac, but try it if you like that. I think a stronger alcohol is necessary for a quick cure, rather than white wine. Alcohol and herbs can be changed up if you want something other than the classic cure; I've used crushed coriander seed, cilantro and tequila, fennel fronds, fennel seeds and brandy, all along with kosher salt and sugar; I'm sure there's lots of flavoring possibilities for the basic technique.

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      I want to vote for the cognac and for this method. The hardest thing is slicing the salmon thinly and evenly. Make sure it is very cold when you do so. Or , as suggested, cajole the fish man.

      1. re: magiesmom

        Yes, a good sharp slicing knife is in order, along with a well chilled filet, and if not available, the fishmonger might be.

        Slicing knife example, non-serrated:

      2. re: bushwickgirl

        Thanks to everyone for replying - I went with the Julia Child method, using a boning knife to get it almost paper thin. Patience is the word here.

      3. The other thing to do is use a basic recipe with a smaller fish - Sockeye (Red) Salmon works if you can find it - And it has a much deeper red color to it that makes it less ordinary...