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Dec 30, 2010 05:09 AM

Other immersion blender options

I see very little discussion of high end immersion blenders other than Bamix and Waring. I think that people may be missing out on some other great options for higher quality (possibly longer lasting) mixers. I purchased an immersion blender for my wife this Christmas and did some internet searching for recommendations by users of the home oriented mixers (sounds like Bamix and some of the Waring mixers could be used at home or commercially) and also looked at restaurant/chef supply businesses. I considered Waring, Cuisinart, KitchenAid, Bamix, Hamilton Beach, etc and from the restaurant/chef supply businesses Dynamic and Robot Coupe. Dynamic and Robot Coupe manufacture a wide range of immersion blenders with prices from $139 to over $1000. Due to size of the mixer and cost, most of these would only be used in commercial settings where durability for frequent use and ability to mix large quantities are required. However Dynamic and Robot Coupe make some smaller immersion mixers that would compare in size, cost, and weight to the Bamix units. Dynamic has a MiniPro ($139 with free shipping on eBay currently, supposedly lists for over $300) that is 120-200 Watts (variable speed using a dial at the top, watts increase as you dial up the speed) and a 7" shaft of very stout stainless steel. It comes with 4 different blades, two being titanium coated for added wear durability. Robot Coupe also has a 7" shaft unit that compares to the MiniPro but at a higher cost (somewhere under $250 I believe). I bought the Dynamic MiniPro for my wife and having used it and looked it over carefully, it is a very high quality mixer. My thoughts in buying the Dynamic mixer were to get high quality (thinking that a company that makes large $1000+ commercially proven units probably make a good smaller one also) and the $139 I paid compares very well to what the Bamix and Waring mixers cost. Only time will tell if I made a good decision but I think I did. I encourage others to consider Dynamic and Robot Coupe.

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    1. Sensor419:

      How is the Dynamic working out? I am wondering whether to buy a Dynamic or a Bamix as well and I am tempted by the former. Seems to have exactly the same 4 blades, but has variable speed and higher power. How large is the diameter of "head" on the Dynamic compared to Bamix? Does it find inside a half-pint Mason jar?

      Many thanks! -- cf

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        The Dynamic Mini Pro is working out great. I would highly recommend it. The build quality is excellent and the features (4 blades, variable speed, etc) are first rate. The head diameter is 2". There is still a company offering this mixer on eBay for $139 with free shipping which is a steal. Let me know what you think if you end up getting it.

        1. re: sensor419

          This is an old thread, but just for the record, I finally got the Dynamic Minipro and IMHO it is superior to the bamix. (I borrowed an old bamix from a friend for comparison -- it is possible that the newer bamix are better/different)

          They both have exactly the same four blades. The blades are the same size, but the minipro "head" is somewhat slimmer ~51 mm diameter vs ~ 58 for the bamix. The minipro is about 60 mm longer (~ 2in) -- about 30 mm for the body and 30 mm for the shaft.

          Pluses for Minipro:

          -- this is certainly a pro tool! The bamix seems solid, but the minipro is built like a tank.
          -- variable speed (so you can start low and increase -- less splashing)
          -- more powerful (my impression, I do not have any measurements and the bamix is old, but I tried a difficult bean puree with both, and the minipro wins hands down)
          -- the shaft separates and can be put in the dishwasher, maybe easier to store.


          -- more expensive (although I got it for $139 in e-bay, the typical price is $179, for instance at This includes blades but no other accessories)

          -- you need a tiny screwdriver to exchange blades (no big issue for me since 90% of the time I only use the mincer blade to puree soups and sauces in the pan


          -- heavier (982 g for the body+shaft vs. 858 for the bamix) + a heavier/stiffer but longer cord (220 g for the minipro cord vs 103 g for the bamix cord). So assuming that half the cord is in the air you have to hold about 1.1 kg for the minipro vs.900 g for the bamix). My minipro does not have the coiled cord depicted in the dynamic catalog & pictures -- guess that one is only made for Europe. Seems trivial to replace so I might buy a coiled cord later from an electronic supply store Also someone concerned about the weight might use a lamp cord like the bamix -- of course it will take less abuse.

          Other Bamix pluses: more popular, has all sort of accessories (of which I have no need), prettier looking (unless you are into industrial orange! :-)

          Hope this helps!

          1. re: careme_fan

            Thanks for this. I am in the market for one and forgot about these.

            1. re: careme_fan

              Does help a lot careme! Hope others who've looked at and/or tried the bamix v. dynamic will chime in for future reference.