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Dec 30, 2010 02:35 AM

Tomato Aspic?

ASpic in a can used to be easy to find. At the time of mad cow disease hysteria, it became unavailable. Very few food companies make this any more, but I love it for special occasions: it looks and tastes great; makes a composed salad special

I have found it at the Fresh Grocery at 40th and Chestnut most of the time, but I don't get in that area too often. Any suggestions where else I might find it? Brand does not matter. My efforts at making this from tomato products and Knox gelatin have not been successful.

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  1. I've often seen it at Drake's in Chestnut Hill on Germantown Avenue. Drake's occupies the space formerly occupied by the Chestnut Hill Women's Exchange in the Community Association building. The aspic is not canned, but is made fresh. I'm sure that you can put in a special order for it. By the way, Drake's also sells tea sandwiches, which I like to pair with tomato aspic.

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      Throwing this back up again. That sounds yummy, Kshell, but my relationship to aspic is that I like to have it on hand, in my pantry, for last-minute elegance on a salad plate. Next time I'm in the Chestnut Hill area I'll try to find it atDrakes.

      Meantime, has anyone seen it on shelves anywhere else in the Delaware Valley? How about Wegmans for example? I wouldn't mind making a special trip if I knew I would find it.