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Dec 29, 2010 10:03 PM

Bland diet recipes/tips

My husband has severe acid reflex and he's been ordered to eat a bland diet. He's a foodie so the idea of a bland diet is distressing to him. I'm trying to put together a cache of simple but yummy recipes to get us through this.

Here's a link to things he can and cannot eat:


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    I found this website that some recipes, but out of luck.
    I'm on the same boat and can't find anything. if you found something let me know

    1. Try lots of herbs for flavor, watch out for raw veggies as they will kick back on him. Eat dinner early, the earlier the better. Stick to broiled, braised and baked, no fried foods. Avoid acidy foods, tomato sauces etc. Oh, and without even asking, lose weight, it'll help acid reflux go AWAY!

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        Oh yeah - lots of herbs. Mind the ginger though. Holy that used to give me reflux.

      2. You definitely do not want anything too fatty or acidy. Like no prime rib, heavy sauces or OJ. Or too much at one sitting. I'd fix him lean steak or chicken (no skin), steamed veggies, roasted potatoes or rice... brothy soups with beans, veggies and turkey kielbasa. Lamb is a good option (esp. the little chops - be sure to cut visible fat off it before you cook it so you won't be tempted to leave it). Obv no chili, but also be leery of tomato sauces for spaghetti. If he needs sauce, you could give butternut squash sauce a go... as a side dish. He should also lay off alcohol.

        Yep, he is going to be bummed- until the reflux subsides.

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          +1 to all said ^^^

          And elevate the head of the bed 4-6" at night, and try nibbling on black licorice (the real stuff).

        2. I hate to make this sound bad, but a lot of the recipes I get from are bland as they are written. The blog author has 5 children so I'm guessing that's why. I end up adding things to them, but they're not terrible on their own, and some of them might work for your needs.

          1. Based on many anecdotal reports, I'd also try cutting out wheat to see if that helps. You can do both at one time, and see what happens.

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              +1 on this. i know so many people who struggled with acid reflux, ibs, etc and eliminating gluten cured them within days.