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Dec 29, 2010 06:28 PM

Mexican Restaurant in Union, NJ

A new place opened up on Morris Ave., right behind the new 7-11, and across the street from CVS & TD Bank. I was going to write the name down, but completely forgot it. Anyone know the name, first off, and is it any good? It looked like a nice little place I'd like to try.

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  1. I passed by last night and it's called The Red Cadillac, right on Morris Ave. I will have to try it as the menu looks good.

    The Red Cadillac
    2258 Morris Ave, Union, NJ 07083

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    1. re: jethro

      Mr. diva and I tried this place last night, and the food was mediocre. It would probably be an ok place to hang out for drinks, though.

      Mr. d had chicken enchiladas with salsa verde, and they were bland, plus the cheese was barely melted on top. The verde was lacking in the traditional tang and green chili heat. The rice tasted strongly of achiote, but was otherwise bland, as were the black beans. My fajitas were fine, served with not that great store-bought tortillas. The table salsa was probably the best thing about the meal with a good kick, but it was very garlicky, so beware if garlic bothers you. Overall, it was pretty much meh. We'll stick to Casa Maya for now (I've only tried the one in Meyersville.)

      YMMV, jethro, so post if you try it out!

      Casa Maya
      615 Meyersville Rd, Gillette, NJ 07933

    2. I was going to go tonight, but they are closed Monday and Tuesday. Ay caramba.