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Dec 29, 2010 06:06 PM

Where to buy duck meat in Birmingham?

Alright guys, Auburn's shot at the national championship is around the corner. It's time to cook some duck.

I don't have much experience with cooking duck but am willing to experiment. I'm looking to find some breasts to cook on their own and some other parts that might be good for a gumbo.

Anyone have any experience with finding duck meat in Birmingham?

Thanks and War Eagle.


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  1. V. Richards has duck legs for around $9/lb. You can buy either whole frozen duck or duck breasts (think it's whole duck) at Publix, but call first to make sure they have some. I'm not sure about fresh duck breast.

    1. I get duck very often at Whole Foods. The only part of the duck I ever cook (because it can get so dry so very fast) is the breast portion. WF sells those - if I'm remembering correctly - $5 or $6/breast.

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        Frozen duck is fairly easy to find: Publix has whole birds and breasts (look for the maple leaf logo). You can get it at Fresh Market and inlarger Asian markets, such as Super Oriental Grocery on West Valley.
        For fresh: V Richards had some fresh for Christmas, and I'd be shocked if they didn't keep them in stock to accomodate their Auburn customers (look at all the Gator meat that popped up around town for the SEC championship). I've seen duck fresh (as well as frozen) at Whole Foods. Check also butcher shops like Cajun Cleaver, Mr. P's, New York Butcher and Sprouse's in Gardendale area.
        Most likely if you inquire now you can get an unfrozen bird in plenty time before the BCS game.
        I've been toying with an idea of getting a whole bird and serving duck three ways: making a confit with the legs in the duck fat, pan-searing the breasts and using the remaining meat to make a duck sausage (I got myself a meat grinder for Christmas and 2011 will be the Year of the Sausage for me, unless my doctor demands otherwise).

      2. cassoulet would also be good this time of year. Also, in a pinch you could get a roasted duck from red pearl or a Peking duck from Shangri-La. Wonder where I can find some tiger meat ...

        1. I have had good luck smoking duck breasts on charcoal away from the fire with bacon wrapped around the breast. Fresh Market has duck breasts. Whole Foods should also.

          Fresh Market @ 4700 Highway 280, Birmingham, AL 205 - 991 - 0294.

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          1. re: Littleman

            This^^^. Just buy the D'artagnan breasts that they sell at Fresh Market. It's always good quality.

            Fresh Market Cafe'
            937A Highway 49, Flora, MS 39071

          2. Whole Foods in Mt. Brook sent out an email yesterday saying that they just got in a big shipment of duck in preparation for the game.