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Dec 28, 2010 02:06 PM

Making artisan pizza dough (split from Ontario board)

[Moderator note: this was split from a thread where the OP was looking for PANEANGELI Lievito Di Birra Mastro Fornaio]

Ohhh, nosey me but are you making pizza??
I am desperate for a decent real artisan pizza dough recipe that doesn't require an engineering degree.

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  1. Yes...I was going to fool around a bit with my pizza dough recipe and my oven...since you're asking.

    I grew up in a pizzeria ( crib was against the wall behind the pizza oven). I've been tinkering forvever...not to dash your was 10 cents a slice when I first stuck my hands in flour.

    I will call Lady York. Reports say they don't have it but I will double check.

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      I have been messing aorund with Caputo 00 pizza flour and getting nowhere. My oven will only do 550 and won't crisp 00 pizza flour. I tried today and lucky I decided to make a back up of no-knead dough in case my caputo modified recipe sucked which it did. I am dizzy from studying Jeff Varasano's Neopolitan recipe archive and have lost hope and should hand over my Italian citizenship (humbly)....if you have the desire to post something for the home pizza-dreamer, I eagerly await.
      Ciao e mille grazie.

        1. re: todao

          Thanks Todao! I will give up on my poolish/biga attemts and try the Neo-Neopolitan recipe.
          Happy New Year!!