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Dec 29, 2010 05:03 PM


Sorry, such a fun word to say. I want to buy some. I have access to many Asian stores and I'm willing to hunt. Can anyone recommend a brand or variety they enjoy?
I'm not looking to make my own, I'm looking for super convenience. I also have no qualms about msg.

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  1. The label on the brand I like says it is distributed by JFC International and manufactured for Ajishima Foods Co.

    I'd suggest you try a few varieties----they're all great!

    Happy hunting,


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    1. re: eight_inch_pestle

      I like the JFC brand as well! The "Yasai Fumi Furikake" from them is my favorite -- it's got lots of dehydrated veggies in the mix.

    2. The sake (salmon) and tamago (egg) varieties seems to go over well with those that are new to furikake, but like eight_inch_pestle said, experiment and see what new flavors you like (shrimp, sesame, shiso, anchovy, cod roe, plum, etc). If you find a flavor that you like, you can use the furikake to season the outside of your onigiri (rice ball).

      Also, If you like furikake, you might also want to try ochazuke. Also sold in dried packets. Essentially it is tea, seaweed, arare (rice cracker pellets) and other seasonings (I like sake- salmon). You sprinkle over rice and add a little hot water. A quick and tasty meal. As children, my brother and I would refer to this as dirty gohan (rice), but is a tasty treat. Enjoy!

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      1. re: BigSal

        Try making ochazuke fresh. Grean tea, cooked rice, cooked salmon, nori and soy sauce to taste.

        1. re: AdamD

          Agreed, fresh is much better, but the packets are convenient (and nostalgic).

      2. I asked my Japanese wife, she basically said salmon and umeboshi (sour plum) flavor.

        1. Wow I'm going to have to try all these suggestions... Good thing they are so cheap!

          I've been so curious about the sour plums, can anyone describe the flavor?

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          1. re: iheartcooking

            Kinda hard to explain the taste of umeboshi, kinda like a sour cherry, but more subtle and with a hint of saltiness. My wife like to use them in maki rolls for our kids and she makes "tea" with them-put one in a tea cup, add boiling water and mash up the umeboshi. Its tasty. Good luck.

            1. re: AdamD

              Mash up umeboshi at the bottom of a glass of hot water and 芋焼酎.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              Cute. My son likes the ultraman and anpanman ones!