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Dec 29, 2010 04:32 PM

Food Network looking for a 'troubled restaurant' in SD...your picks

Production company of the Food Network show 'Dinner Impossible' is looking for a troubled SD restaurant and this was in the UT Food section today.
'Seeking restaurant owners with strong personalities who are passionate about their profession'.
'They must be willing to overhaul the menu and decor'...'family run business a plus'

Whom would you nominate?

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  1. hahaha I was going to nominate Pomegranate based on the personality thing (i like the menu in general) but I have a feeling they don't want a lot of attention :)

    1. Haven't been, but from what I've read here and in reviews it sounds like Cosmopolitan could use some help.

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      1. re: Island

        I was going to mention Cosmo but that place is limited on the decor (and the menu somewhat) by the lease with the State Park.

        1. re: Island

          Whatever they did at Cosmo, no doubt three months later the Owner would complain about food costs and undo everything that was done...

        2. This sounds like a copy of that Gordon Ramsey show on BBC America.

          1. Haven't dine there but I heard that Searocket Bistro might be good for the show

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            1. re: honkman

              I would definitely second Searocket Bistro.

              1. re: Josh

                Curious. I haven't heard that Searocket was struggling. And the typical reviews here are always pretty positive. Are there specific issues that you think need straightening out?

                1. re: mikec

                  was just about to post that too...I didn't realize SeaRocket was struggling based on when I have been there.

                  1. re: mikec

                    I don't think they're struggling financially - I just mean that I've found the quality to have declined so steeply.

              2. Ha ha BC. I was going to post something similar after seeing that today. I would nominate Cosmopolitan, La Valencia Hotel (how can a management co. screw up a classic so badly), Del Mar Brig (same owner ran LJ location into the ground), Maitre D' Olivetto in Mission Hills.

                Olivetto Restaurant
                860 W Washington St, San Diego, CA 92103

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                1. re: foodiechick

                  Aren't all the Brigs, Miguels, etc. owned by the same group? or are you talking about the manager at the DM Brig?