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Dec 29, 2010 04:05 PM

Do you eat dinner for breakfast?

So I realized recently that if I eat dinner for breakfast -- i.e. a piece of salmon, greens, quinoa is typical -- I'm much less hungry all morning than if I eat typical breakfast foods such as cereal, pancakes, etc.

It's the protein-fat-complex carb combo that makes me feel satisfied.

This got me researching what breakfasts are in other cultures -- In Japan, breakfast is Miso soup, in Indonesia, curries are typical, beans and eggs are common in some Latin American countries, open-faced sandwiches with cheese and meat are eaten in Scandinavian countries ... in other words, other cultures eat a lot of savory, protein-rich foods for breakfast.

I'm wondering:

What do you eat? Is there a specific reason?

If you live/lived/traveled to other countries, what were typical breakfast foods? Is there a theory behind eating curries for breakfast, for example? Does the spice wake you up for the day?

I guess I'm looking for both cultural and nutritional context ... so tell me what you know!


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  1. Noodles, Soups and Porridge are staple breakfast items in Asian culture. Whenever I vacationed in a Latin country, e.g., Mexico.....meat was always available with tortillas.

    I always enjoy Steak and Eggs.....or leftover roasted meats....a pork chop, Irish Bacon

    Actually, I never ate cereals, pancakes and waffles growing up. I didn't care for them.....and still don't.

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      I lived in Norway for a year and you are correct about the open-faced sandwiches. My preference was cheese with a slice of sweet red pepper. The most popular topping my friends ate was caviar/roe topped with sliced boiled eggs. These same types of sandwiches were lunch fare also. The only hot meal was dinner. We did have cereals and things as well, but it was so cold I just didn't want cold cereal for breakfast. On Sundays we would have a huge spread of rolls, cheeses, jams, soft boiled eggs, some kind of meat and sometimes pickled fish.

      These days I love a bowl of gumbo for breakfast. That's my favorite. But, I'll eat all kinds of left overs for breakfast. I'm still not a cereal fan. And too much eggs and bacon isn't good for me.

    2. I love noodles or soup for breakfast. I have a raging sweet tooth, but oddly I hate sweets for breakfast. (Pancakes, cinnamon rolls, cereal, etc)
      I can eat all those things for snacks but in the morning I like a nice sandwich or ramen with a poached egg.

      1. "What do you eat? Is there a specific reason?"
        i think savory foods are terrific for breakfast. then again, i also see nothing wrong with pancakes or cereal for dinner if that's what strikes your fancy! i'm a big believer that anything goes - i think it's silly to restrict foods to particular meals.

        for me, breakfast can be:
        - Greek yogurt, cottage cheese or ricotta, with fruit, chia or flax seeds, & nuts or nut butter
        - oats: sweet and with protein powder added; *or* savory with a side of egg whites or other protein. may be rolled, steel-cut or oat bran, and can be cooked on the stove, baked or pan-seared.
        - eggs prepared in any of a number of ways
        - salmon with brown rice or quinoa
        - polenta: sweet and served with cottage cheese or yogurt; or savory & served with eggs & cheese...and like the oatmeal, may be creamy and cooked on the stove, or firm, sliced & seared.
        - smoked fish on half a GF bagel (usually only back East at family gatherings with Zabar's fish)
        - a protein shake

        the reason? that's what i happen to be in the mood for at the given moment :) i will say that my meals in general tend to be lighter (and smaller) than those of the average American - i can't stand feeling weighed down by a heavy meal at any time of day, and i certainly don't want to start one off feeling like i have a hunk of lead sitting in my stomach. the only sure thing is that it will be heavy on the protein and fiber.

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          I love leftover cooked grains with fruit or leftover steamed or roasted veggies.

        2. I try not to eat too many carbs (medical reason). I also wake up hungry, and have no problem eating non-traditional or traditional American breakfast foods. I often have bacon and eggs, sausage and a cheese stick, apples and peanut butter, cheeseburgers, tacos, chili, cold leftover chicken or steak; Basically, whatever I can find in the fridge.

          1. If you want an ample pulled pork sandwich on a crusty roll with hot sauce and crispy pork rind in the Yucatan, you had better get it by 10:30 am, because when they run out of pig you have run out of luck. 11:00 am? Snooze, you lose.

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              I just drooled all over my computer.