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Dec 29, 2010 01:52 PM

Wine education training in Toronto?

Im interested in signing up for a intro wine course, any suggestions other than the local community colleges?


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  1. I believe the LCBO offers courses.

    1. The TDSB also offers introductory wine courses (see pages 19 and 20 of their continuing education brochure). "A Tour Through the Wine Regions of the World" sounds like the more introductory course of the two offered.

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        I recall the TDSB courses NOT tasting wine - something about the schools/facilities not being licensed. George Brown and Ryerson used to do these (with tastings) but not sure what the current offerings are.

        1. re: estufarian

          George Brown offers classes with wine tasting. Check out courses under Wine Specialist Certificate.

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            The Etobicoke Arts School must be different. They have a wine tasting Wed nights, led by Michael Pinkus, current president of the Wine Writers Circle of Canada. Should be starting up in mid-Jan.

            1. re: estufarian

              The course description says that wine tastings are assigned as homework and discussed the following week. I don't think in-class tastings are crucial for an introductory course. Meeting up for an after-class study group could be a fun way to get the homework done and make friends with classmates.

              I've heard the George Brown classes are good, but the OP isn't interested in college courses.

              1. re: sillybuns79

                Thanks for all the suggestions. I wanted to consider some options other than the local colleges so the Monday night class at Etobicoke Arts School is something I'm going to look into.
                I personally don't know anyone who's taken any of the LCBO classes, and since I feel that some of the courses are a bit expensive (ie: two 2 hours classes for $110) I was hoping to hear some positive feedback ( value for money *cough cough*) on their seminars.

                Thanks again!

                1. re: Juxtapoz

                  I have not taken it myself, but a good friend took George Brown's introduction to wine. It was expensive, but she finished feeling like it was money well spent. It was much more thorough and much more interesting than what she experienced at the LCBO.

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